Up, Up, & Away! Traveling with a Toddler

Spring Break is next week and I am preparing to fly for the first time with my son. He is 15 months old and always on the go! I will admit that I am nervous about flying with him but I’m also excited because it will be his first trip to see his out-of-state grandparents. They have flown in to visit him but this is his first trip to visit them! I have been asking everyone I know for tips on flying with a toddler and I have come to the conclusion that there are a few things I need to do!

  1. Pack plenty of snacks. I had figured this one out on my own but everyone I talked to echoed my thoughts. I would rather have extra snacks than run out while we’re on the plane!
  2. Bring a new toy. Many of my friends suggested that I buy a new toy for on the plane. I looked for a few things I thought he would like and he won’t be seeing it until we are on the runway!
  3. Do you have an iPad or iPhone? So many of my friends asked me this question when I asked for advice. Luckily we do have an iPhone and an iPod touch. I plan on downloading a few baby apps for my son and I will probably splurge on a few episodes of his favorite Nick Jr. shows.
  4. Do not board the plane first. This was a piece of advice that I hadn’t considered! A few of my parent friends suggested when they open early boarding for families with small children that I send my husband on the plane to put our things away. I am going to stay in the airport until I have to board with my little man and let him walk around for as long as possible before we have to be seated.

I’m nervous and excited for this trip but I know it will be a great experience for us all! If nothing else, we will all learn a lot about how to parent while traveling! Do you have any tips for traveling with a toddler?

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