Earth Day is 1 Month Away!

We are one short month away from celebrating the thing we should pay respect to the most – mother earth!  In celebration of Earth Day, I have taken it upon myself to take an entire month to dedicate to the planet we all call home. This doesn’t seem much when you think about how much we depend on mother earth everyday for our existence and our children’s well beings. By doing this at least maybe I can continue to take all the necessary steps to making myself a more environmentally sound person, and perhaps rub some of that off on you!

Here is a simple list I have compiled to help get me through the month (hopefully longer):

1. When possible, walk instead of drive.

2. Recycle toys and clothing.

3. Get outside more often!

4. Pick up litter.

5. Teach my children to respect our planet as best as I can.

6. Ease up on consumerism. ‘Don’t NEED it, don’t buy it’

7. Pack waste-free lunches and snacks.

8. Plant a tree.

9. Stop using harsh chemicals in the home.

That’s it, its that simple. I think I can surely do this for a month! Mother nature deserves the longest lifespan she can have, and together I think we can change…we have to want it first!


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