Rain, Rain Go Away!

Rain, Rain Go Away! By: Toronto4Kids Those April Spring Showers can make some days appear to be dreary and endless. So if the rain won’t go away, here are some great activities to keep the kids busy on “wet days”. Fun in the Kitchen When the weather outside is bland, the kitchen is often a great place to turn to. Children love to create in the kitchen so let them take over and help you cook. Surf the net for kid-friendly recipes. Make pizza or a batch of your favourite muffins or cookies. Arts and Crafts Rainy days are the perfect time to explore your child’s creativity through arts and crafts. Save your household odds and ends such as toilet/paper towel roles, corks, Kleenex boxes, etc. Have lots of art supplies on hand. Create a pet rock by painting a face on any small, smooth pebble. Celebrate spring with some fun cute crafts that will make any kids’ creativity bloom! A great website for spring projects is: http://familyfun.go.com/spring/spring-crafts. Go on an Indoor Vacation Discover a far away place right in your own home. Research a country you have always wanted to visit and pretend that you are on vacation. Dress up, decorate a room, sample some of their foods and make this an all day adventure! What a great opportunity to visit Hawaii, Italy or Mexico! Indoor Games Drizzling days are a great time to pull out some of those board games you have packed away. There are many games for kids that will enhance valuable skills such as counting, colour and shape recognition, basic math skills, as well as creativity and strategic thinking. Play traditional board games, card games or invent new ones for the kids! Create a Time Capsule Make a special box and have the kids tuck away some of their favourite objects, photos, and drawings. Write letters or stories and tuck everything away to discover later! There’s more! – Read books together – Play charades – Make paper dolls and dress them – Have a fashion show – Build an indoor fort – Watch home movies – Write letters – Have a family movie night – Update your photo albums – Have a puppet show – Teach the kids to sew – Organize a scavenger hunt – Have a family talent show And don’t forget that you can also enjoy the rain! Put on those rain boots and hats and go splashing in the puddles! Kids are often told to come in out of the rain. They will appreciate a rare opportunity to go out and play in it. CONGRATULATIONS! You found our hidden scavenger hunt contest!!! How would you like a chance to win a Ben KaChoo Toy & Book combo?! This PTPA Award winner has amused many children with the adorable sneezing plush pig! If you’d like to have a chance at winning this prize pack, please comment below by letting us know what your favorite part of our April newsletter is. That’s it! You’re entered! Good luck! Winner will be selected by Random.org and announced here and on PTPA’s Facebook page on Friday, April 20th. Have a wonderful April!

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