Bye Bye Diapers! Hello Potty Training!

We started potty training last Tuesday. Well, I shouldn’t say started. We had attempted the whole adventure two times before this. This last week was a reintroduction. Wouldn’t you know it my (almost) 3 year old daughter just took to it this time. No questions asked. No drama or temper. She loved it!! She was so proud each and every time she visited the loo. In the last week, she’s only had 2 accidents. I’m in awe. This potty training business is easier than I had anticipated.

I’m certainly no expert, but here are some tips I’ve learned from my experiences:

1. Be Patient. No child has ever gone away to college and not been potty trained. Don’t force the issue just because everyone you know around you with a child the same age as yours is potty trained. Your child WILL train when THEY are ready. Pressuring them is only going to cause setbacks.

2. DON’T Set Schedules. Whatever you do don’t schedule when your child has to pee. Let them discover it for themselves. On the first day of potty training we visited the potty every hour or so. We slowly moved away from this as each day passed. It’s important that your child learns to listen to their body to discover and understand when it’s time to go potty.

3. Accidents WILL happen. Your child will have accidents. Period.

4. Stock up on cleaners. See above.

5. DON’T Stress. Stress won’t help anyone. Potty training sure can be a frustrating time for Mom and Dad, but it’s an equally as (if not a more) trying time for your child. Be there for them. Reassure them. You’ll get through this together.

6. Follow THEIR cues. Don’t follow your cues. Follow your little ones. This goes hand in hand with #1. Your child will tell you when they are ready. They will show the signs. Don’t push them, pressure them, force them. It will honestly get you nowhere. It may even instill fear. The last thing you want. Just go with it. It takes time, patience and a child who is ready.

Are you a parent who has experienced potty training a child? What are some tips you’d share with parents who are about to start potty training?

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