Moving with Children

I can’t believe the time has come. We purchased a lot of land in May 2011. It felt like an eternity between the time we bought and our closing date. Now we’re less than a month away! It’s unreal. We’re down to the nitty gritty. If you were to ask me how I’ll be spending the next few weeks. The answer would be… packing. I’m trying to do at least an hour a day, but it’s ending up to be more like 2 hours every 5 days. That’s the life when there’s children in the picture. Of course I’m going to choose to play with my children over filling up boxes. My children have been handling everything up to the move itself quite well. We take the kids up to see the new build weekly. It’s nice to acquaint them with the new surroundings and get them hyped up. At the same time though, it’s backfiring. My preschooler just doesn’t understand why we can’t just live at the new house now.

If you have kids and are planning to move soon, here are a few fabulous tips to keep in mind:

  • Tell your kids about the move as soon as possible. Much of the stress associated with moving relates to dealing with the unknown. Share the details, encourage their questions and listen to what they have to say.
  • Involve your children in all aspects of your relocation. Try to bring them along with you on house hunting trips. If this isn’t possible, photograph or videotape the house, as well as the neighborhood and new school.
  • Take your children to see the new location before you move and walk in the new neighborhood together.
  • Encourage kids to help with packing. Allow them to perform small moving chores that are age appropriate. For example, let them pack a box or two of their toys, games, books, blankets and other personal belongings.
  • Help your child pack a carton or daypack with most prized possessions to carry with them on moving day.
  • Ask your kids to exchange addresses and telephone numbers with friends. A letter or phone call to or from an old friend can boost the spirits of a child in a strange, new community.
  • If your children participated in activities like scouts, little league, school band or choir, enroll them in the same or similar activities in the new community as soon as possible.
  • Spend time with your kids after the move to help them get acquainted with their new home, neighborhood and school. Children are far more likely to cope with a move if Mom and Dad are positive and enthusiastic about the relocation.

Have you ever moved with children? I’d love to hear any tips you might have! Source: Foremost Insurance Group

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