Best Practices for Great Parent – Teacher Meetings!

Many parents feel uncomfortable when talking to teachers. Hey, guess what? Many teachers also feel nervous talking to you too! Here are some ways to help improve parent – teacher meetings so everyone is more comfortable! 1. Start the Year Right Take the initiative and make an appointment for a little “meet and greet” with your child’s new teacher at…

Moist and Yummy Apple Cake

One of my favourite things about fall is apples. Warm apple cider, apple crisp, the delicious apple pie that my man makes so well, apple butter, apple cake, oh how I could go on. It makes me want to cry when I think of how the southern Ontario crop has been pretty much wiped out due to a crazy spring that gave…

My Life & Breast Cancer

I’m sure by now, we are all aware that October is Breast Cancer month. The sudden splash of pink stuff kind of gives it away. I don’t like pink. And I sure don’t like breast cancer. For me, breast cancer is a lot more important than one month a year where I buy a plethora of pink-coloured products to feel…

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