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In a busy world fill with so much information and so many choices it’s nice to have Parent Tested Parent Approved to cut through all the noise.  I know that if I am looking for something specific for my kids and see the PTPA seal of approval that I am getting a quality product, products that have been tested thoroughly and loved by parents like me.  It takes one worry off my plate and that is a huge relief when you are as busy as I am.

Having been a PTPA mom tester for over two years I know the care that goes into not only choosing the products that get sent to us as possible PTPA winners, but also the care that goes into choosing the right parent to test them out, ones that will put the products through their paces before giving that final seal of approval.  The Parent Testers take their work very seriously because they know that the opinions they give help other parents make the right choice for their families.

Signing up to be a Mom Tester is as simple as heading over to PTPA and creating and completing your profile and then watching your dashboard and their Facebook page for testing opportunities.  Did you know that PTPA sends out thousands of free products to its parent testers?  Once you are selected as a tester for that hot new toy or kitchen gadget testing it out comes next.  All that is involved is using the product for a few days or weeks and writing down your thoughts about them.  You then fill out a survey and as a thank you for the work you put into the review you get to keep the product you are sent.  As a tester I like to think of it as dishing to my best friend.  My input as a tester is what determines whether or not a product gets that special seal, and I when I am out and spy the seal I smile knowing that I had a hand in helping that product get it.

Once your review is up, if the product receives the seal of approval it get to go to the Winners Circle where parents can read reviews and testimonials from the parent testers and then add their own by leaving comments.   It truly is a community where information is shared and passed on, and can be an invaluable resource to parents, family and caregivers of little, and not so little ones.  I now find myself hunting for that seal whenever I go shopping.  I know that without fail that if I purchase a PTPA product that it is going to do the job I need it to.

If you are a mom, caregiver or expecting, sign up to be a tester and have your voice join the conversation!  Make sure to follow PTPA on Facebook for fun and informative discussions, contests, and product testing opportunities.  Don’t forget you have to be signed up as a tested on PTPA to be eligible, but it’s a very easy process.  If you are on twitter there is even more fun to be had with @PTPA and their #TweetTuesdays and #PTPAchat  contests.  Join in the conversation with the PTPA Blogaholics on the PTPA blog, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube to get all the latest on trends, parenting and life as a mom.

It a fantastic, supportive community and one I’m so proud to be representing.

As a #PTPAinsider I receive special perks, all opinions expressed are my own.

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