Winter Nutrition Tips for Moms

The winter months always seem to be the hardest of months on most Moms. It is not only important to take care of your health, but throughout the winter months it is even more important to focus on your health and nutrition. The following nutrition tips have been put together to help you; Mom, get through the winter happy and healthy, and to stay in tip top condition throughout the dreaded winter months.

Stick to Routine

It seems our children have more breaks in the winter months then the majority of the year. This makes it real easy for our regular schedules and routines to slip away when the wee people are home. When the children are home on holidays, we enter into more lazy mornings, less activity and less “Mom” time. By sticking to your regular routine you and your family are likely to still consume normal, healthy meals and also stay active. When a routine is let go, the healthy standards usually let go as well and it is always much harder to get the healthy standards back then it is to lose.

Hydration is a MUST

Many think that throughout the winter months you don’t need to consume as much water as you do during the summer months. Guess what ladies, this is false! It is just as important during the winter months to be consuming lots of water. You need to be consuming at least 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday, season doesn’t matter.

Don’t Fall Into the Treat Trap

It seems the holiday treats start much before the winter months, especially with Halloween doing our waist lines a number. It can be hard to not sit and eat the whole bowl of rockets or miniature chocolate bars after Halloween, but then we are instantly slammed into American Thanksgiving and next thing we know, Christmas. Holiday treats start popping up everywhere. It becomes an easy source to something quick and yummy. Holiday treats become the main dish of your day, and the main destroyer of your precious waistline, and health. Don’t fall into the holiday treat trap, stay healthy and keep consuming meals that are good for you and your health.

Vegetables, Vegetables and More Vegetables

You sit and nag your children to eat their veggies, and it is time you nag at yourself to do the same. Many of us are known to skip the vegetable aisle in the winter months, since they aren’t as good as the vegetables from the local fresh veggy stand you see experience all summer. Stop relying on those starchy potatoes that many of us flock to. Even though those delicious baked potatoes are so nice and comforting on a cold winter night, they don’t do our bodies any justice. Go with some warm green beans, a crisp salad, some delicious corn or any vegetable that makes your mouth water. Vegetables are key to a healthy diet, and an important meal option in the winter months.

Stay Active & Motivated

The cold temperatures and the onset of the winter blues keep many of us indoors and our physical activity much less. This can’t happen! To survive the winter months at a healthy standard, you must keep moving and stay motivated. Don’t coup yourself up indoors. Get outside. Instead of driving the kids to school that takes two minutes driving and ten minutes walking, put on your winter gear and enjoy a brisk morning walk with your wee people. If you want someone to help you get through the winter blues, join a gym, get involved in a group, anything! Staying active throughout the winter months will keep you in shape for the summer bikini months. Stay active all winter long and don’t lose motivation just because our days have lost daylight. Let’s make this winter a triumpth Moms. Follow the five nutrition tips that will help you keep track of your health this winter. Summer will be quickly upon us, and we don’t need an extra tire on our waistlines. Make this winter a successful one and stay active & motivated!

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