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Team PTPA!

It’s two days short of PTPA’s 5th birthday and I’m doing a lot of reflecting.  I’m thinking back to the ideas that led  to what PTPA is today and the dream I had for my company.  I am truly amazed at how far we’ve come from the  notes scribbled in my notepad that I wrote while keeping an eye on my son in his baby gymnastics group, (I am a serious multi-tasker)! PTPA was my dream to leave my mark.  Growing up, cancer was a big part of my life, my dad struggled with it for years and thank goodness overcame it but I always think back to a letter he wrote me when I was quite young and he was quite ill.  He pointed out to me that as I grew older, I would need to find a way to leave my mark on the world.  I would have to find a way to make a difference in the lives of others.  This would be my legacy. This is a message that has always pushed me and driven me.  I have always wanted to find a way to stand out (for something other than my hair) and have always wanted to give back to those around me.  PTPA has given me this opportunity and for this reason alone, I am so proud of who we are today. I estimate that we give out over 2000 products a year through our testing program.  Completely for free. No strings attached. Simply a request for feedback on the product.  Sometimes its something small like diapers or bottles and sometimes its something that really helps a family out like nursery furniture or strollers for families that otherwise might never be able to “splurge”.  Whatever the item, whatever its size,it gives me pride to know that this is part of our business model and this is something we will do for families for years to come.  I also always hope that perhaps our actions inspire those recipients of free products to pay it forward by doing something kind for someone around them. PTPA is made up of pretty amazing people: First and foremost, our fans and parents who are part of our growing community.  You are the reason we do what we do.  We are constantly seeking out great brands for you because we know you work hard for your money and you don’t want to be wasting it on brands that don’t care enough to do it better than average. Our Blogaholics who now number over 50, you are the people who provide authentic content, fantastic objective reviews of products and just damn great conversation, we are so lucky to have you and value each and every one of you! The brands that trust us. We would definitely not be around without you.  You believe in your products enough to have them tested by your target consumer.  This to me means that you truly believe you have created a great product and are willing to get it tested just to prove that. But the people behind PTPA are the ones who truly have allowed us to blossom into the company we are today.  I am lucky enough to have the most amazing team of people and I don’t take a second of it for granted.  If there is one thing I have learned, its that an entrepreneurial company is only as good as its people and damn it, we have great people. That stroke of genius I learned from my extremely entrepreneurial mama (who rocks as a BFF, #justsayin!) On an even more personal note (this is a lot of getting personal for someone who is extremely private!), a special thanks to my awesome husband Graeme, who always has my back, always supports me and  is definitely my biggest and proudest supporter. So a huge thank you to you all for helping us get to our 5th birthday, I truly value all of you and thank you for helping me live up to what my dad had hoped for me, it means the world 🙂

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