DIY Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

I didn’t used to consider myself a frugal mom, but this Christmas season I’ve decided that I actually am! Perhaps not with everything on my shopping list, but for the most part I scour the best deals when shopping and can end up saving myself a lot of money! I have also never considered myself much of a DIY person, but if…

Mom or Martyr?

I am a work outside the home mom.  I always knew I would be. My career is important to me.  And, specifically, having a career that takes me out of the house is important to me. There have been opportunities to maintain my career path while working in my own home but that’s not the road I’ve chosen. Here’s something…

Healthy After School Snacks

It is almost that time of the year. Back to School! Everyone is busy talking about what you need for school. But what about After? Here are some healthy snack ideas for after school! Here are some of my kids favourite snacks! 1. Apples and Peanut Butter. OR if you have allergies in the house, Apples dipped in Yogurt. 2.…

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