Heading back to school: 5 housekeeping tips

Christmas holidays (yes, we do call it Christmas in our house) are coming to an end, for some this is happy news, for others (like myself) this is not so happy news (we really love the sleeping in and lack of schedule!).

As my kidlets head back to school, I have discovered that this is a great time to implement a few housekeeping items to make the transition much smoother, cleaner and well – comfortable.

1. Check all indoor shoes, clothing, winter wear, etc., for fit, cleanliness and general wear and tear. If your kids are anything like mine, their feet grow faster than the speed of light and the gym shorts that are supposed to come home every week, often never make it. Use this break as an opportunity to replace the items that no longer fit, that have disappeared or that now resemble something closer to the rag bag than something they should wear on their bodies.

2. Wash the backpack and lunchkit. If you open your child’s backpack and an extended family of fruit flies is released, now is the optimal time for some laundry soap and vigorous scrubbing.

3. Check and replace consumable school supplies. I haven’t done a poll yet but I’m pretty sure the number one lost school supply item must be the eraser. Inevitably I end up sending more than a couple of these lovely white tools throughout the year. Have your child check their school supply list (or email their teacher if they are too young) to see what needs to be replaced. Often pencils, extra paper, erasers and pencil sharpeners are long gone, likely cavorting with the lost socks of the dryer.

4. Replace toothbrushes. I’m pretty sure I’ve read somewhere that we should change our toothbrushes every three months or so – what better time than to have Santa bring a new one?

5. Review expectations. There is nothing like a long school break to help kids “forget” their responsibilities as a student. I plan to spend time this week talking to my eldest about homework, attendance and the importance of focus in the classroom. I am hopeful that this kind reminder will help him to make the transition from the lazy days of Christmas vacation to the scheduled, demanding days of school.

What other tips would you include for heading back to school?

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  • Great post, Felicia!
    Love these tips! Little One is in JK, and though she’s only 4, I want her to get into the routine of putting away her Winter stuff when she gets in the door. Right now, she just takes off her snow suit, boots, mitts, hat, and leaves them in a heap. Uhhh uhhhnn! She knows Mommy hates mess. I’m thinking of getting a hook for her her coat that is just the right height for her. She’s finally learned that she needs to put her boots on the boot rack by the front door.

  • Thank you for reading Christine! Good luck with the winter organization, let me know your secrets – I’m still trying to “train” my 11 year old to not dump his coat on the floor!

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