Planning a Staycation for March Break

Spring Break is quickly approaching for many kids and families in Canada. If you aren’t part of the group who will be exchanging cold winter weather for sunny skies but would still like a few days of R&R and quality family time, consider planning a staycation.

What is it? A staycation is a budget friendly version of a vacation. Like a weekend getaway or week long getaway in your own city.

Benefits of planning a staycation:

1. Staycations are less stressful than a vacation

It’s definitely stressful having to figure out how to get the entire family plus luggage to the airport on time or coordinate a long family road trip. Not having to board a plane means not having to deal with deciding how to stay within baggage limits, waiting in line for hours to get through security or customs and constantly checking to make sure you have everyone’s passports in your purse or bag.

2. Staycations allow you to explore your hometown like a tourist

You may have lived in your hometown for years but I can bet that you haven’t seen or been to all the fabulous family friendly attractions it has to offer. Visit some mom and pop shops. Contact the tourism board and see what they recommend tourists see and do when they visit your town or city.

3. Staycations save you money. LOTS OF MONEY!

You won’t have to spend money on what one of the most expensive parts of a family vacation – flights. This is especially true for Canadians. You can use those savings to splurge on entertainment or food.

A few weekends ago, my family did a weekend staycation and decided to check out as many new places as we could within 2 days. We visited the museum, had lunch at one of our favourite restaurants, spent a few hours at an indoor playground, had a “pizza party” for dinner with our kids and their cousins and then had dessert at a new ice cream shop that opened up in a neighbouring town.

Our eldest said it was the best day ever.

So I guess this means she doesn’t want to do Disney anymore?! 😉

Enjoy March Break! Just think after that week is done, Summer Vacation is a little over 3 months away. Better start planning for that now!

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  • We do Staycations most of the time 😉 Always lots to see and do right in our “own back yard”

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