Geotagging might mean Geostalking

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  • Thanks Sharon for always keeping us informed! This is definitely a topic that needs to be discussed and shared by everyone!

    Kathy Ioannou
  • Thank you Sharon for sharing this info and for protecting my phone for me ;)It blows my mind when I see peoples tweets and it has their exact location! Still don’t get why people check in at FourSquare!

  • I am so paranoid about this as is and have always turned off all GPS tracking on my phone. Just like that 4Square people do. Friends told me they check in as they leave to avoid the crazies lol

  • I don’t have an iPhone or Blackberry – the way I turn it off is Location Services > Geotag Photos > Off. Thanks for the reminder to be vigilant. We’re getting so used to sharing things on social sites to our friends and family that we often forget that there are some serious sickos out there who have ways of using this against us. Never used FourSquare, never intend to! This is also something that’s very important to make sure kids know.

  • Thanks for adding another phone type Janine!

  • Fabulous post, Sharon! Wow! That is so creepy! I always make sure to disable geotagging. The whole idea just freaks me out.

    Thanks for the great reminder and I’m going to be sharing this on Twitter and FB now.

  • P.S. This is the exact reason I do not use Four Square.

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