ABC’s of Parenting – G – Get Together

Today’s Words are : Get Together.

As a homeschooling parent, there’s always the dreaded question from people who don’t understand homeschooling that ask “What about socialization?” In reality, this is such a minor concern that it doesn’t even blip on my radar. But it IS important to teach our kids how to interact and behave with other kids – whether we homeschool, public school, or any other life situation!

How can you get together? Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Mommy groups. If you have a baby or a toddler, you can probably find a local mommy play group that meets regularly that you can connect with and join.
  • Playdates. Invite over your friends, with their children and let the kids run around playing while you socialize too!
  • Playgrounds/Play Centres. Find a playscape, even if it’s at McDonalds. There are kids out there climbing on a climber somewhere that your child can connect with and meet!
  • Activities. Sign up for classes, join the Y or a sports team, go to library clubs, participate in church/community groups, or any other extracurricular style activity with your child and this is often a great place for your kids to find other children with a similar interest to interact with.

Remember, kids don’t need to be limited to getting together with other kids their own age. Make sure to mix up the age groups – older kids with toddlers, preschoolers with teens, etc. Give kids the chance to connect with adults and seniors too – visit old folks’ homes and go to adult events. Include opportunities to interact with people of various special needs, as this allows for the experience of normalcy and takes out any fears that unique needs can present.

Where are your favourite places to get together with people?

Lisa Marie Fletcher

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  • I really love your ABCs of parenting posts, Lisa Marie!!

  • I love getting together with my girl friends and their kids. Also enjoy going to my local early years center and momstown groups

  • Socialization is so important and I have to admit, I was very curious on how parents manage it! Thanks 🙂


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