Victoria Day Family Ideas

Victoria Day is our first real (day) of spring/summer vacation. It’s a long weekend and many families across Canada are planning events to help celebrate. But what if you have nothing to do? Well here are some great Victoria Day Family Ideas to help you have a blast this long weekend with your friends and family.

Have a Picnic – A picnic in the park is always a great thing. Make some delicious wraps with tuna, lettuce and tomato, some homemade grilled chicken or macaroni salad, or hey bring a hibachi and BBQ some hot dogs while you are at it. Head to your nearest park, and remember to check your local community listings as many parks are offering family-fun events for the weekend celebration you can incorporate after you picnic in the park.

Enjoy some Fireworks – Many cities across Canada are hosting firework shows for the May long. I know here in Abby they usually host fireworks on the lake. We bring a blanket, make some popcorn, hot chocolate and enjoy the festivities.

Break out the BBQ – There is nothing like throwing a steak on the grill, make some super fun and healthy shishkebobs, invite over your friends and neighbors, have everyone bring a little something and enjoy the sun with good food, music and fun!

Host A Crafts Day at Home – Kids love making things. So get your hands dirty and jump into making some really neat crafts to help celebrate the holiday. Here are a few great ideas for inspiration from Just too cute!

Host an Amusment Park in your own Backyard — Imagine setting up a bean bag toss with old socks filled with rice, or a fishing game with a kiddie pool and some magnets. How about finger painting, face painting, water gun games and more. You can host your very own amusement park in your own backyard, invite the neighborhood kids and have a blast!

Have a Family Campout – Raining outside? That’s okay, you can still have fun. Set up to have a family camp out in your very own living room. Build tents out of old blankets and furniture, grab some flashlights, make smores and popcorn and settle down to tell stories, play board games and watch a family movie together. Who says you have to be outside to have fun!

A Family Adventure of your City or Town – Every wondered what little gems lay hidden in your own city? Google interesting places to visit, places you have never been to or seen, drives you can take down long country roads you never knew were there, or visit small vintage shops and stores you never knew existed. No matter what you will have fun discovering what lays hidden in your city. So go for it and go on a family adventure together!

Other Family Ideas Your Can Enjoy This Victoria Day Long Weekend:

  • Visit an amusement park
  • Go-Karting
  • Go to the movies
  • Bowling
  • Take in a play
  • Visit local libray for kids shows and readings
  • Visit your local rec center
  • Take in a play
  • Host a car wash
  • Open a lemonade stand with the kids
  • Have a yard sale

No matter what you choose to do, remember to have fun, wear sun-screen if weather permits to stay safe, pack extra water and above all enjoy your time. The first day of spring is about starting something new. New traditions. New promises to make more time for each other. New places to visit and see. New Adventures to be had!

Happy May 24! What do you have planned for the upcoming long weekend?

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  • Great ideas! We always go for hikes down by the water front. This year I am working on the Sunday 🙁

  • I LOVE these ideas! Thanks so much! We’ll be doing some of these! The long weekend on Manitoulin is a big celebration with everyone opening up their cottages!!

  • What unique and fun ideas! Great list! Thank you!


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