15 Ways To Help Keep Kids Busy While Mommy Is On Bed Rest

Last week I posted about ways to keep yourself busy while on bed rest. This week is all about keeping busy with the kids! My kids are 6 and 7, and they love their independence, yet still love playing family games. So here are some things we have been doing to keep busy.

I have also found it is a great time saver to have snacks and drinks ready to go in the fridge for them. Something they can get on their own, open on their own, and hopefully eat without a mess!

But back to the games to help keep everyone busy!

1. Read. My kids get books to read for school, plus their library books from school, plus our own collection of books, and our own trips to the library. Needless to say there is always lots to read around here!

2. Coloring. Whether its a coloring book, or drawing your own pictures, its always fun! You can even turn it into a game and draw the craziest thing you can think of and then have everyone guess what it is.

3. If you have a Tablet, or Laptop of some sort. Lots of games, and programs.

4. Lego. My boys LOVE Lego. They have a growing collection of it. However when we play in bed, they only bring in a small bit of it at a time. This can keep us busy for hours!

5. Board Games and Card Games. Always good for hours of fun, and even better if you can put some learning into it!

6. Cuddle up with a snack and a good movie. I love kids movies probably just as much as my kids, so I love when we actually get a chance to do this.

7. Crafts. This one may get a bit messy, so be prepared for that. Maybe do craft time when someone else is home as well to help with the clean up.

8. Write Letters. You could write letters to each other or other family members and friends. This will also help your child practice their writing skills and spelling.

9. Story Telling Game. You each go around and tell a part of the story. You never know where the story might lead!

10. Have your kids put on a show. My kids love this. Sometimes they dress up, sometimes they make up a song and dance. Its always a good time. You can also be the photographer and take pictures of it all. And turn it into a slide show to send to Grandparents.

11. Build Forts, or set up a tent and have them camp out. We have “Sleep overs”. Either we all sleep on their floor or they sleep on our floor. Either way they love it and have so much fun.

12. Play “Red Light. Green Light.” If you have a long hallway, or can rest in an area you can see them, this is a great game to play. Keeps the kids busy and gets them up and moving.

13. Practice Spelling. We have a regular cookie sheet and a box of magnetic letters. We write each other notes on it, we practice their spelling words for the week.

14. Play with their toys. My boys are very into cars. So its usually a car race of some sort that they love to do.

15. IF you can, and have family and friends around, or just with your hubby, plan special outings for your kids and family member. Its nice for them to be able to get out and go on a “special adventure”.



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