‘Tis the Season to Party!


‘Tis the Season to Party!
By Toronto4Kids.com

Tips to Keep Kids Busy during Grown-Up Christmas Parties…

If you’re entertaining during the Holiday season, don’t forget the kids! They’ll need to be kept busy as well! During Christmas party events, emotions will be running high and kids will get excited… Here are some tips to keep your young guests occupied and merrily entertained throughout the entire party.

• Kid-friendly Christmas party games can be incorporated into any holiday setting as a way to keep children from becoming bored! If you have an older sibling or a teenage guest, enlist their help to lead the kids’ activities. Offer a gift card as a thank you for their help.

• Provide Christmas-themed coloring books and plenty of crayons. Or find seasonal themed colouring pages on the internet and print them out.

• Have the kids decorate seasonal cookie or cupcakes. Stock up on different color frostings, sprinkles, M&Ms, or other miniature candies for decorating.

• Set up an arts and crafts station. Your dollar store will have inexpensive ready-to-make Christmas-themed craft kits. Or download seasonal craft projects from the Internet. Ask parents to bring a smock or old t-shirt if kids are wearing their best attire.

• Organize some simple and traditional games with a seasonal twist, such as Pin the ‘Antlers’ or ‘Nose’ on Rudolph. Duck, Duck, Goose could become Reindeer, Reindeer, Rudolph. Simon Says can be turned into Santa Says.

• Have the kids open a Christmas piñata. Stuff the piñata with candies (and maybe little toys) – your local Bulk Barn offers a medley of Christmas-themed treats. Kids can decorate paper bags with seasonal and winter themes. Use them to scoop up their candy and loot.

• Raid your local library to find seasonal storybooks and gather the kids around the fireplace to read and exchange stories, while sipping on hot cocoa. That will get them into the spirit!

• Stop at your local video store for Christmas classics. Make s’mores and hot chocolate for kids to snack on while watching movies like The Santa Clause and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

There you have it. Nothing boring about this party!

How do you keep your kids busy while entertaining guests?


Comments (2)

  • Crayons and coloring books always work for me!

    Nicole N
  • Crayons, colouring books, paper and stickers all work for us. When that loses its novelty, then DVD player with holiday cartoon classics. 🙂

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