Product Review: Fisher-Price Bath & Body Products

Being a blogger with a network of people, I get asked to review quite a number of different products. Not only is it awesome to receive packages in the mail (it’s like Christmas year round for me), but it is even better when it is stuff I get to try out with my kids.

When the opportunity came up to try out Fisher-Prices’ Bath and Body products I was super excited. We have had Fisher-Price products in this household for almost 10 years. Whether it was toys, books or gear you were sure to find something.

Recently however I got to enjoy a bag of goodies from their Bath & Body lineup. Included was the following:

Newborn: Sensitive Skin Cleanser + Shampoo
Newborn: Sensitive Skin Soothing Ointment
Newborn: Sensitive Skin Body Lotion
Infant: Calming Foam Bath
Infant: Creamy Baby Oil
Infant: Moisturizing Lotion
Infant: Soothing Body Cream
Infant: 2-in-1 Foaming Shampoo and Body Wash
Infant: Foaming Hand Soap
Infant: Detangling Spray
Toddler: Bubble Bath
Toddler: 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner + Body Wash

Of the above products I will highlight a few of our favourites tested so far in the house.

1. Foaming Hand Soap – What kid doesn’t love foaming hand soap? (or adult for that matter, c’mon just admit it). A nice gentle soap in a cute animal shaped bottle with an easy pump for dispensing. The soap is not overpowering and once rinsed off leaves a light clean after scent. Naturally with 3 kids this didn’t last long as they were making every excuse to go wash their hands…again.

2. Detangling Spray – Although both of my daughters have fairly thin straight hair, my niece on the other hand has gorgeous long curly locks, straight out of Hollywood. Her hair is stunning…and after bath time becomes one huge hot mess. Cue in the detangling spray and what was once a large task has now become a much less shorter one. My sister has used detangling sprays in the past, some of them were even good, but a lot left her hair feeling greasey and overly saturated. The Fisher-Price brand eliminated that. Although we need to use more than your average amount with little miss curls, there was no over abundance of product left stuck on her hair. Once it dried her hair was light and ringlets were soft and springy.

3. 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash – I love a multi use product! With a busy lifestyle sometimes it’s a get in, get washed and get out and it is a beautiful thing. With both girls having super thin hair, and one have rather sensitive skin, I have used infant lotions and potions on them for years. The shampoos have left their hair so soft and shiny and when I hug them and stick my nose in their hair and breathe in it takes me back to when there were little babes. It is even better when they have a complete all-in-one to use because their hair is clean and so is the rest of them. Even they love the way they smell and they can’t sneak and tell me they’ve washed when they haven’t because I can follow the scent from head to toe if need be.

4. Moisturizing Lotion – Just because it says for 6+ Months doesn’t mean you can’t use it at 6 years. With winter season now on us everyone knows it means dry, cracking skin as well. My issue is usually the dry cracked skin, but I can’t use random moisturizers because so many of them are packed with parabens or other nasty stuff and since my son has suffered from eczema since birth, although far less now that he’s much older, I need to be careful what I’m putting on him. The first thing I checked for was the ingredients and was happy to see no parabens, no dyes and no phthalates either. I can say that after using this his skin is not cracking as much, there are less obvious dry spots and my ‘scaley dragon’ on the backs of his shoulders is gone. Do I think this cured it? Not at all. Do I think this product does what it says it is going to do by moisturizing? Absolutely. It locks in the moisture to keep the skin feeling soft.

The only downside to these products is when I use the moisturizer on the 9 year old boy because it ‘smells like babies mom’. I guess the only lesson I have been able to learn during this review is I can’t keep them young forever. *Sigh* At least the girls don’t mind 😉

Product Variety: 5/5
Product Use: 4/5
Product Recommendation: 5/5

To make this even more awesome, the wonderful people over at Fisher-Price want to give one of my Canadian readers your very own FULL product line up to try as well. Check out my Fisher-Price giveaway below!

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Comments (13)

  • Man I wish I lived in Canada I would have loved to use this with my newborn.

  • Love Fisher-Price… but have never tested their bath line. With a newborn and very tangly 2 year old.. this would be fab!

    Yashy Murphy
  • Would love to win this! I have a 7.5 month old and a 3 year old with super curly tangled hair.

    Joanna Turowetz
  • Would love to try these out! mommy of 7, with 5 children 11 and under. Youngest being 7 months.

    Colleen Churchill
  • Would love to win these products. I have heard great things about them. I have a 5 month old and her hair is finally starting to grow. Haha

    Brandy Smith
  • Would love to win for my niece. Just heard that it’s good to do the baby’s head last to avoid them getting the chills.

    leah leitch
  • My trick was to get one of those detachable shower heads. Mads life of baths a lot easier.

    Elica Palacek
  • I would like to win these products for my daughter.. We currently use another brand, but are not totally satisfied with it. It is would be nice to try out the new line from Fisher-Price

    For bath time, we just let her get comfortable with the water when she first gets in. Usually that means playing with some of the bath toys. She continues to play while we bathe her without causing a fuss.

    Monique L. S.
  • I would love this for my kids. We let the kids play with toys and the bubb;es for a fun bath time

    kristy edgington
  • I would love this for my daughter. I do have a trick, bath crayons from Alex toys, they are super fun and easy to clean and gets her in the tub every time, before that she used to run away screaming. hahaha

    Diana Cote
  • I would love to win for my son <3 My trick would have to be those wash miit puppets, he LOVES them… So fun

    Darrah Dussome
  • I’d love to win this for my friend!! I don’t have a special tip/trick, and I have not tried any of these Fisher-Price products.

    Victoria Sit
  • Rafflecoptor: Victoria Ess

    Victoria Sit

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