March Break Activities – Feeling The Pressure? Affordable Entertainment!

March Break activities.  What to do?  It’s almost here!  Next week, I will be surrounded by both of my kids 24/7 and I’m sure they will have lots of expectations and ideas of what we “should” be doing for that week.  We will no doubt have lots of fun spending time together, but I often find that during holidays like this, they feel the need to expect hours upon hours of active (and sometimes costly) entertainment.   Where does that come from?  Often times, school.  They hear their friends talking about their plans, the teachers motivate and encourage (which is great!) and they bring home activities that must be completed during March Break to showcase all the fun they had.  This can sometimes put the pressure on to make sure that they’re not only having fun during March Break, but they’re also being active as well and it won’t break your bank.

march break activities

My son brought home his monthly oral report for his Grade 1 class, and this month it’s themed around his activities during March Break.  He has to keep a journal and describe what he has done each day during that week, as well as provide illustrations.  I want to make sure that he has lots to include in his report, but also want to make sure there’s no pressure to do things JUST for the report.   Balance.  It’s all about balance!

We like to plan fun outings, but we’re also a family that enjoys just relaxing together, watching movies and playing board games as well.   Luckily there’s lots to do with your kids  during March Break and it doesn’t have to be costly.

Speed Sledding – Since the snow is still here, how about a speed sledding day?  Think of the speed dating idea, but with family sledding!  Spend a set amount of time at different hills, sled, have fun, and then move onto the next!  Get out the toboggans, and “road trip” around your area to experiment with different hills!  Most often, we stick to one hill and forget to realize that there’s so many other hills around that are also fun.  It’s a great way to explore the city and to experience new surroundings, as well as meet new friends along the way.

Movie Madness – This is a perfect time, especially during the extra chilly or rainy days, to get out some of your family favourites, make some popcorn and other goodies, and enjoy a family movie together.  It’s inexpensive, quality time that everyone will enjoy cuddling up to!

Local Activities – There’s so many awesome day programs that your local community complexes, libraries and other places offer during school breaks!  Check them out online or ask around.  There’s sure to be something at the YMCA and library that will keep your kids entertained and social. They often have fun crafting days at local museums as well and best part?  Most of these are FREE!

Fit Family – Get active together!!  Walk, run, skip, jump…you get the point!  Find something active to do together (that includes the speed sledding too!) that will have you laughing and talking.  Indoor swimming is a great opportunity to get in on some fun as a family and there’s so many local pools that are open during this time.   Go for a snowy hike, break out the skis, maybe try ice fishing for the first time!

Kitchen Helpers – This would be a great time to get the kids involved in the kitchen.  Let them help create a dinner menu and create a feast for the whole fam-jam!  This could include, appetizers, entrees, desserts and family-friendly drinks.  What a great way to get them used to the kitchen, learn measurements, recipes and of course, have fun along the way.

Game Day – How about a day dedicated to games?  Indoor and outdoor!  Get creative, break out the board games too.  You can make up games and take turns leading them.  Kids love games and this would be a great opportunity to have their friends over to get in on the action as well.

There’s so many options, so much to do and it doesn’t mean that it has to cost you every penny in your pocket!  Most of the fun activities are affordable or FREE and your kids won’t know the difference.  They just want to have fun and feel included.   Take advantage of their time home and enjoy it as a family.  They grow up TOO fast, so this is a perfect time to reconnect with your little ones that are in school and to learn new things together.

What are YOUR plans for March Break?

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  • Great tips, Brandi!
    Definitely a stay-cation for us. We plan to explore the many part of our city and surrounding. Go to museums, restos, skating with hot choco, lots of fun stuff!

  • Stay-cations are so fun! It’s going to be one for us as well. I love learning new things about our city and all the fun things it has to offer 🙂 Skating with hot chocolate is SUPER fun!! 🙂 Hope you all enjoy the break!!

    Brandi Yee
  • Awesome post Brandi 🙂 Not only a March Break list, this is great for anytime the kids have an extended break from school.

  • Thank you Jason!! You’re so right, it’s a great list for anytime the kids are home from school 🙂 So much to do that’s fun and affordable!

    Brandi Yee
  • These are awesome, Brandi! Bookmarked this post for March Break next week!

  • Nothing this year, I’m project manager on a very tight (read short) deadline project so I’ve been working hard and overtime. Daddy will be staying home to monitor the big kids and make sure our house isn’t March Break Party Central lol I do hope to get to slip out for a movie or at least some walks when the bitter cold eases up a bit!

    Paula Huie
  • Thanks for the great list! We plan on going skating outdoors at some point this week.

    Victoria Sit
  • Skating is always fun Victoria!! And I love that it doesn’t cost anything to skate outdoors 🙂 Have fun!

    Brandi Yee
  • Sounds like you’ll be super busy Paula!! I hope you get to enjoy a bit of fun in between all that hard work 🙂

    Brandi Yee

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