How to Prevent and Recover from Mommy Burnout {Tips from PTPA Blogaholics}

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No matter how much we love being a Mom, we all get to a point sooner or later where we find ourselves in need of a recharge. We polled our group of PTPA Blogaholics to ask them how they recognize when they need a break, what they do about it, and what has worked for them. We hope that this advice will help you to avoid your own Mommy Burnout or at least have a few tricks up your sleeve on how to handle it when it comes.

When things become too much for me, I have to vocalize it to someone who can help (usually my husband or mother.) At the first opportunity possible, I get away. Sometimes it’s just in a hot bath alone for 30 minutes, other times it’s a walk around the mall childless. It rejuvenates me and gives me the opportunity to ‘miss’ my children again. I find by the time it’s over I’m ready to face life again.” PTPA Blogaholic, Carolyn BéchardMoments in Mommyland

When I start getting burned out I start making a list of everything that is GOOD in my life. The list starts to get really long, which is fabulous! I take a few hours to myself with a long drive, pedicure, or just sit at home while the rest of the family goes out. Gotta take that mental health break when you can!” PTPA Blogaholic, Christie Cronan – Saving Said Simply

I know I’m getting burnt out when my patience starts to wears paper thin and everything seems to make me upset, even things that would never bother me at all. That’s when I know it’s time for a little break. I often just let my husband know I need some time to relax by either taking a bath or just a nap to help me regroup and feel back to 110% again.” PTPA Blogaholic, Nickida StephensNickis Random Musings

Get physical! I know it can be hard to find the time but it is ESSENTIAL to your well being to be active. It doesn’t have to be a full on workout (although those are good too) but put the little one in the stroller, or strap him in the carrier and get outside and move!” PTPA Blogaholic, Shayna MurrayMommy Outside the Box

Tell the kids to take a hike… Just kidding… but, a deep breath, a coffee, a moment of silence, a good cry, all of these things help. If you feel you need some time to do something, find a way to take it. If you deny yourself the need to feel something, the need to take a breath, the need to enjoy something just for you…. you will burn out. FAST.” PTPA Blogaholic, Jen GrenierNinja Mommers

My tips: Recognize that you need a time out.(I know I’m hitting a point when I start to raise my voice) Being vocal about it helps – and it lets others know that you need time. Remove yourself from said situation (if possible) If I am at home with the kids by myself I will make sure they are safe and then I will remove myself to another room (kitchen etc) I always give myself at LEAST 10 minutes to cool down. If things are really ‘bad’ we go outside and run around. I get fresh air and the boys can run wild. If my husband is home I will sometimes leave the house (take a walk) or will go and have some quiet time in my room, or take a bath etc. It is essential to have time for yourself to regroup. There are lots of stresses in life, and if we don’t take the time to release those stresses, well life would suck.” PTPA Blogaholic, Alisha DuncanGreat Mum Adventure

This happens like clockwork to me about 2-3 times per year. Communicating my needs to my husband is my biggest help.” PTPA Blogaholic, Sarah SchultzNurse Loves Farmer

Every couple of months this creeps up for us! To help prevent I have a colour coded calendar (each one is for a different item – money going out, doctor appts, activities,work shifts, vacation, PA days, school trips, etc.) and I am a huge fan of lists! I carry my own book everywhere with me that I jot down items I need to take care of and highlight off when I am done (makes me feel great when its all highlighted!). When it begins to become overwhelming we start delegating and getting rid of what is not important or we take a day off from extra curricular activities. For our home, having frozen pre-made sauces and meals is important for those hectic days. We can usually identify which weeks are going to be bad and try to prepare as much in advance as possible. Sometimes though I find I need to take some time alone, have a warm bath (maybe a cry!) and then bounce right back.” PTPA Blogaholic, Carla DawsonWorking Mommy Journal

I try to take 10 minutes a day for JUST ME to help combat this. Weather it’s reading or extra time in the shower or cranking the tones on the ride home. Taking that extra few minutes helps me stay on top of it.” PTPA Blogaholic, Brittany HamiltonSurviving Chaos

The moment it’s hard for me to stay awake or I feel I get moody very easily with the kids and everyone around me for every little thing – that’s how I know I’m getting mommy burnout. Once I notice this, I make it a point to take a few hours to myself and treat myself. I also arrange babysitting for an evening to head out with my hubby. Helps heaps! Also nothing a long uninterrupted sleep can’t fix! And maybe wine. Good wine and cupcakes.” PTPA Blogaholic, Carol GomezCarol Au Courant

My husband works long hours and there are sometimes entire weeks where I’m on my own. I know in dealing with burnout when everything starts to feel overwhelming, like the thought of getting dinner on the table can seem like an insurmountable task. When this happens I don’t always have the ability to bail for some me time (even though I would love to) but I find a change of scenery can be a huge help. It’s a lot easier in the summer when I can just pack up the kids to the park and sit with a coffee. When my husband is home I try to make sure that I take time for me preemptively. A bubble bath, a glass of wine, and a great book can make twenty minutes feel like a vacation.” PTPA Blogaholic, Jaymi FillierModern Housewife

I am usually alone most nights and days because my husband works long hours. I used to suffer from mommy burnout a lot when my life was chaos. Good scheduling has helped with this, and maintaining an early bedtime for the children. Whenever I feel overwhelmed I just reassure myself that 7:30 will come around and my kids will be asleep. Then I jump in the shower or watch a good movie- always does the trick.” PTPA Blogaholic, Meri TemudoLil Sugar

Usually by the end of the day I’m at my breaking point. So when my husband comes home and my toddler acts up I take a time out. 30 mins in a hot bath while browsing Dream Homes or the “Humour” section on Pinterest usually turns my attitude around.” PTPA Blogaholic, Randa DerksonThe Bewitchin’ Kitchen

Spend a little time in nature & getting exercise energizes me to be able to meet these challenges! A little quiet, a cup of tea and uninterrupted time with my planner make me feel a little more organized and on-top of what’s happening & what needs to be done.  I also outsource little tasks that I don’t HAVE to do – cleaning, cooking, walking the dog come to mind. I have trusted people I know I can call on to do these for me when I’m having a particularly busy week.” PTPA Blogaholic Holly LaRochelleThe Inspired Home

And from a Dad’s perspective…

I make sure my wife and I have some together time with each other, and some alone time. We have been going to the gym (separately), and it is a really great way to just let loose and be free… work off some of the daily stresses. You’d be amazed what 30 minutes of cardio and strength training does for your stress levels. We also make sure we work in vacations or road trips. They are something to look forward to throughout the year, so it really reduces the stress in our lives.” PTPA Blogaholic, Craig Silva – Big Daddy Kreativ

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How do you recognize your own Mommy Burnout? What has helped you?

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  • great tips!! Used a lot of this last week as it was a very difficult week in our home. Thanks for sharing such an important post

  • PTPA Blogaholics are full of amazing advice!

    Janine Streiter
  • Such great tips, everyone! SO good to know we’re not alone! 🙂 Some days I think I’m losing my mind! A good walk/hike outdoors, fresh air, exercise often helps. On occasion I’ve been known to lock myself in the bathroom and have a warm bath! LOL!

  • I loved reading this. So many great tips and it’s nice to know that we all go through this at some point in time!

  • @gjprasad

    gita prasad

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