Top 10 Picks: Spring Rain Boots for Kids

1. Hatley Dino Boots, $30.00, 2. Kamik Explore Rain Boots, $30.00, 3. Stephen Joseph Fire Truck Rain Boots, $29.99, 4. Marvel Spiderman Rain Boots, $32.00, 5. Stonzwear Rain Boots (Green/Black),$35.99, 6. Western Chief Wings Rain Boots, $35.99, 7. Kamik Butterfly Girls Rain Boots, $40.00, 8. Kidorable Dora the Explorer Rain Boots, $34.00, 9. Bogs Kids Baby Zoo, $49.00, 10. Hatley Kids Hot Air Balloons Rain Boots, $36.00

Maple Scotch Cookies

James and I decided to make chocolate chip cookies one day, but things didn’t go as planned! Firstly, I ran out of vanilla extract. I don’t know how that happened. Secondly, I didn’t have chocolate chips. The final blow was I didn’t have enough butter! I was on a roll!! But what we ended up making, were some of the…

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