5 Ways To Postnatal Weight Loss

5 Ways to Postnatal Fitness, Lose that Baby Weight

One of my friends said to me recently at the end of her pregnancy, “I can’t wait to have my body back again”. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that  her postpartum body would never be quite the same as it was B.C. (or before children). After my first bundle of joy, I kept seeing magazine covers screaming “how x celebrity lost her baby weight in just 3 weeks!”. I never bought any, postpartum weight loss (or lack of it) can be depressing.

From a mother of two, and an active woman, I want to tell you this – it took nine months to put it on, and it may take longer than three weeks to get that baby weight off. It’s okay to be realistic about it, and it’s okay if you’ve still got it a little while later. I get it, you’re busy, you’re a mom. But if you’re ready to boot that baby weight, here’s a few simple tips on  how.

5 Ways to Postnatal Weight Loss

    1. Drink Up!
      Dehydration doesn’t let your body work at the top of it’s A-game, doing what it does best. Drink at least 2-3L of water a day (more if you’re nursing) for maximum benefit. If you’re not drinking much now, add a 16 oz cup to your routine at each mealtime. This will earn you 1L without even trying. Add in ice cubes, lemons, limes, or berries for a flavoured experience.
    2. Eat Better
      80% of the solution is nutrition. Grab your greens, juice them up with theBalanced Living Juice Extractor. Check out your local farmer’s market for tasty veggies & fruits. Try new to you veggies and fruits, or get inspired with healthy recipes![product id=68185]
    3. Plan It
      Events in my house don’t happen unless they are planned. The same principle applies to fitness, you have to make it a priority. Sit down with yourCozi Family Organizer and prioritize a time to get moving. Pick times where you can go yourself, fitness dates with your partner or friend, or family moments to try out local recreation amenities.[product id=68960]
    4. Get Walking
      Strap that new baby in your Boba 3G Carrier and start walking. Even a loop around the block will make you feel energized, and something about outdoor air just makes babies sleep. The best naps my kids have is after we have outdoor time. Explore the trails in your area & find those gems that are a bit of forest in urban spaces. Try walking to the grocery store or other nearby amenities.[product id=127387]
    5. When it fails, have a Plan B.
      On a perfect day, I would be able to get outdoors, eat perfectly and drink tons of water.  But life isn’t perfect, and neither is every day. Know what products you can use for backup like Flip2Bit (Fitness in a Box). Indoor fitness can be fun too with simple dance parties, or just running laundry baskets up and down the stairs.[product id=68034]

From my last pregnancy, I ended up being 30 lbs heavier than my heaviest weight EVER. So far I’ve almost lost that 9 months later, now on to getting more muscle and back to my fitter self. You can follow me on Instagram on my #holshealthyhabits for more tips!

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