I’m not just a mom……



I am a…..

Storyteller creating and reading stories to my kids

Artist to help my kids create wonderful works of art

Nutritionist ensuring my family eats well-balanced meals

Chef cooking those fabulous meals

Teacher constantly teaching my kids new things

Performer keeping my kids entertained all the time!

Cleaning Lady cleaning up all the messes around the house

Master Negotiator bargaining with my toddler to ward off the next major temper tantrum

Booboo Kisser when my kids hurt themselves

Rocking chair gently rocking my kids to sleep

Pillow for my kids to rest on

Dance Teacher teaching Princess Peach new moves when we have our daily dance parties

Cheerleader encouraging them to try to new things

Scheduler figuring out what my kids do all day

Disciplinarian enforcing the rules

Time Keeper watching the clock when Princess Peach is in a time out!

Wardrobe Stylist making sure my kids are always coordinated and looking cute

Climbing structure to climb on when we are playing around at home

Paparazzi taking thousands of pictures and videos of my kids on a daily basis documenting every thing they do

Various modes of transportation taking my kids where they need to go

Nose Wiper keeping those runny noses at bay

Nurse taking care of my kids when they are sick

Wash, Dry & Fold taking care of my families laundry


Even though I hold all the above positions, I am very happy with my one title as MOM. Although it is very busy and crazy at times I wouldn’t change being mom to these two amazing kids for anything!


What other positions do you hold as a mother or parent? What would you add to my list?

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