Rainy Day Activities for the Whole Family

So, it’s spring time! The snow is melting and the weather is warming up. You wake to hear the birds chirping outside your window, signaling that spring has truly sprung. You jump out of bed, excited to start the day. Maybe you could go for a walk, or blow bubbles with the kids in the front yard. You draw back your curtains to take in this beautiful spring day and you see…. rain. Clouds and rain. Lots of rain. Your heart inevitably sinks to your feet and any beautiful spring day activities you had planned have been undoubtedly cancelled, or at least postponed for a brighter day.

Just because it’s raining out does not mean the day is going to be a drag. I promise! Cheer up, there are many fun activities you and your family can participate in on a rainy day.

Rainy Day Activities for the Whole Family

  • Have a Beach Day, at Home- Having a beach day at home may seem pretty far fetched, but it’s not. Grab your favorite beach towels, put your bathing suits on, pack a picnic and build castles with blocks. If you are feeling a little warm at your indoor beach, why not cool off in the water? Run a bath and have the kids play in the tub with their bathing suits on.
  • Go Camping Indoors- Who wrote the rule that camping has to be outside? If you have tents already, you can set them up inside your house and fill them with pillow, blankets and sleeping bags. If you do not have tents, use some large sheets to create your own tents. You can even put the fireplace channel on your television and sit around a campfire. Don’t forget your flashlight, scary stories just aren’t the same without one!
  • Bake- Who doesn’t love fresh out of the oven stuffed chocolate cupcakes? No one, that’s who. Set to work baking your favorite recipe as a family! Why not change the recipes up a little and let everyone each pick their favorite add-ins? Have a taste testing of everyone’s creations once they are baked.
  • Go outside- There is no rule that says that just because it’s raining, you have to stay inside.  Go splash around in some puddles, dance in the rain together and enjoy yourselves! Just make sure to have some dry clothes ready for when you go inside.

There are many different ways to enjoy yourself when it is raining. Make the most of your rainy day with some rainy day activities for the whole family, there is no need to let the weather hold you back!

What are your favorite things to do on a rainy day?

Comments (9)

  • We usually head to the library on rainy days. 🙂

  • These are great activities! Our personal favourites are baking, movie times and crafts. In the summer (and if there is no lightning) we love to go swimming in our pool while it rains 🙂

  • Such great activities! Love those! We do those too. LO’s favourites would also be baking, crafts, family time (that’s what she calls movie time — guess we don’t do it enough? LOL!).

  • My go to rainy day activity is hide and seek! It is an all day game. I am the seeker; they hide. 🙂

  • Great ideas! Watching the worms squirm around in the rain is pretty cool too! Love the tents with sheets idea too, reminds me of being a kid 🙂

  • Love these ideas. We usually will head to the library on rainy days. Gets us out of the house or if I do not feel like leaving, we create a construction site in the living room. We build and knock down, we drive the trucks all over.

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