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Growing up I loved being  outdoors and being out of town at my grandparents, where there were sand pits and spruce trees galore, made me love nature even more! I enjoy all the beauty this Earth beholds and it’s scary knowing that the human race is killing it with all the pollution. Take the crazy weather we’ve had in the last few years or the warning from the worlds scientists (722) about how much more drastic it’ll become! With this thought constantly in the back of our minds, we try to do what we can to help the environment and pass along the importance of doing so to our son and the people around us.

In case you didn’t know April 22nd is Earth Day. This day always brings memories of being back in school when the classes got together to pick garbage and debris up around the school and in the community. While this is a great activity for this day in particular, it’s also something that can be incorporated into our daily lives as well.

Since it’s Earth Day I’ve decided to come up with a few ideas or ways to celebrate with the little ones and hope you’ll enjoy them:

  • Clean the environment around you. Pick up loose trash and debris. Get the kids to go through the house and collect anything that needs to be or can be recycled. Bottles and cans can be refunded, kind of like a payment 😉
  • Have a recycling party. Ask guests to bring foods in recycled containers such as yogurt and butter containers. Use recycled objects to decorate like stringing painted pop lids for garland. Etc…
  • Attend local Earth Day events. Many companies are dedicated to helping save and improve the quality of Earth and put on some pretty cool events and activities that are family friendly. PTPA award winner Soda Stream being one :)Read more about Earth Day (Canada) supporters here.
  • Sit down as a family and discuss ideas that will benefit you while also being frugal and environmentally friendly. Ex: Starting a compost to save on garbage bags being bought and thrown into dumps. Regrow veggies from old root/clippings like celery and green onions.



  • Take a reusable bag with you when you go grocery shopping to save on grocery bags being thrown out. If you absolutely need a plastic bag, use it for recycling or for a garbage bag for a small waste basket.
  • Have an Earth Hour. Turn off all the power in the house and teach the kids about how they lived before electricity existed. Preferably by candle light which you can also use as an example 🙂
  • We can’t forget the crafts, they make any occasion fun, lol! The Dollar Store is one of our favourite place to buy craft material for the little ones. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, it does the job and the craft isles are a creative minds playground!

These are activities that can be done all year long minus the sponsored Earth Day Celebrations but definitely something worth trying to do every so often. It’s up to us to save the planet now!

What do you do to celebrate Earth Day? Is there anything you do year round that’s environmentally friendly?

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  • Love this post, Jason! We live on a farm and are stewards of the land. For us, every day is Earth Day 🙂 I love all your tips…especially the regrowing of veggies! Very cool.

  • Thanks Christine 🙂 I haven’t always been this way. It’s true what they say about age bringing wisdom as it seems the older I’m getting the more I’m caring! Plus it’s fun doing things for yourself like growing your own food 🙂

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