Parenting Help Needed! BITING!

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  • Little One never bit others, so I don’t know if this is helpful at all. There was a time when she was still nursing and would occasionally bite me. I’d actually yelp and say, “OUCH! That HURT!” and she stopped soon after. I know it’s a different situation. Hopefully you get some great tips and suggestions from the PTPA parenting community 🙂 It’s a really great community to belong to. So supportive.

    Oh, one time one of Little One’s friends bit her (when they were 4 years old). The other child was going through family issues at home and started biting. I’m not sure how her parents dealt with her biting situation, but she did eventually stop biting people when she was 5.

    Sorry! My comments are totally not helpful!

  • A friend of mine was having the same trouble. It turned out that her son needed to be taught a different way to express the love for his brother. Yes, for him they were love bites. He was taught to hug his brother instead and the biting (with a lot of persistence and reminders) went away. If your little one is biting out of frustration or anger, or whatever the reason, it’s usually helpful to figure out why they’re doing it in order to help them find a better way of expressing themselves.
    Good luck!

    Janine Streiter
  • I haven’t had this happen yet, hopefully I won’t. The only biting issue I have is my daughter biting her finger nails.. That drives me crazy. Sorry I couldn’t help.. 🙂

    Tammy Bell
  • My son just started biting his nails. Drives me crazy as well. He actually asked me when I was clipping his toe nails if I could clip his finger nails as well. I took one look at the finger nails and said no way!

    Elica Palacek

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