Dying to Ride, NOT Riding to Die!


I felt a need to share this as it’s getting to be that time of year again, I ask this as I am a rider myself. Please take that extra second, literally that is all it takes to make sure there is not a motorcycle in your view when you’re changing lanes. Keep in mind that, indeed Motorcycles are equipped with brakes but even though they can stop they only have two wheels breaking at best…you have four. We all have the same rights to the road and should all, including the motorcycles drive for the conditions as well as the traffic. People whom drive are often stereotyped as being hooligans or driving crazy as someone once seen a person driving fast on one or pulling something insanely stupid on one in traffic. I don’t condone anyone driving crazy or illegally whether it be a motorcycle, car or any form of transportation for that matter just so you are all aware. Those that drive are fully aware of the precautions to take this time of year as they have at some point have probably had a close call.

On a side note to those reading that do drive, there is a greater responsibility for you to ensure your motorcycle is serviced properly and everything safety related is functioning for every trip out on the road, big or small. Dress properly, shorts are NOT made to be worn on motorcycles, nor is going shirtless. Even though certain places allow driving without a helmet…is it really that bad to wear one??  Take it from a person who has lost friends do to accidents on motorcycles ranging from improper servicing, and cars pulling off turns in places they shouldn’t be. Think back to your first road test…. Walk around your vehicle and ensure your signal and brake lights are working. Adjust your mirrors so you see the most you can in a proper position within your driver’s seat both in your car and on your motorcycle. Think of your surroundings before you decide to break the sound barrier and speed as losing your license, injuring you or someone else, maybe even worse is not worth it. I know that all of this is common sense, at least it should be, but I live in a smaller city of 150,000 and I can’t tell you how many deaths were in relation to motor vehicle accidents that never should have happened. Have a happy and fun season on the roads as it’s a privilege NOT a right!

Statistics for those interested in how many accidents have occurred, it’s scary, http://www.dyingtoride.org/STATS.htm

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  • Great post Matthew – definitely seeing the motorcycles (and bicycles) back out again! Everyone needs to readjust their driving again to ensure we are watching out for the bikes on the road. Thanks for sharing! Happy biking 🙂

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