Pregnant With Babies That Are NOT Hers… WTH?

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How about this for your daily WTH…

A woman in Rome is said to be impregnated with not one, but two babies that are NOT hers!

Let me explain, according to a USA Today article this woman became pregnant with twins after undergoing fertility treatments. The problem lies however, in the fact that the embryos she was implanted with weren’t those of her and her partner.

Apparently, this is not the first time this has happened either.

With all things science, I imagine that there are many ‘mix-ups’ but contemplate being on the other end of this story. How would you feel if the babies inside you were not even yours? Would the biological parents gain custody privileges just because they have donated to the birth process.

Think for a moment- what would you do? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  • That is devastating. My first question is, did this woman’s own embryos end up with someone else as well, and did they result in pregnancy? I can’t imagine the emotional roller coaster – you try so hard to get pregnant, succeed, and then find out you’re carrying someone else’s twins. Someone who was also trying so hard to get pregnant.

    I think it would be excruciating, but I would have to carry the twins to term and hand them over to the bio parents at birth. Then there’s the question of the cost of medical care (if that is an issue there).

    Wow. How in the name of all that is good and right in this world do medical professionals manage to make that huge a mistake??

  • Holy law suit waiting to happen. That is horrible! I would also love to know if her embryos are in someone else…then technically they can carry to term and “swap”. But if not, and these other people wanted a baby, then wouldnt she have to give them up? I think as devastated as I’d be, I would just try again and have my own. But wow!!! Is there even a right thing to say here?

  • This is insane! I think if I carried them, regardless of whose embryos they were, I would likely consider them my children. I can’t imagine two lives growing inside of me, being born and then handing them off to the “rightful owners”. On the other hand, I wonder if you could still have the same connection to the babies knowing that they had nothing to do with you biologically. Wait, I take that back, when children are adopted, there is no genetic connection but nevertheless a parent loves that child as much as they would their own biological child so this would be an impossible decision.

    Sharon Vinderine
  • I think I would be so torn about these babies. I have long thought I could surrogate and be fine handing children over that were not mine. But this woman I am guessing thought she was carrying her own so she must be heartbroken. Hopefully she will be able to carry her own biological children after this experiance

  • I think a lot depends on whether the other couple will allow her to keep the baby, unfortunately. Since it’s technically their property, even though they are in her uterus she doesn’t legally have any rights to them. This happened a few years ago and I was following along as the other parents had to hand over the baby they had grown to love inutero. As for me, if I could I would do whatever I could to keep those babies if the other couple consented. I can’t imagine carrying twins full term and handing them over! Either way, it’s a devastating situation for all the couples involved.

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