Are Cloth Diapers For You?

Almost 3 years ago now we made the switch to Cloth Diapers. I never thought I’d be one to use them because every time I heard someone talk about Cloth Diapers  I assumed pins and rubber pants… and to be honest, those never were my thing, ever (and yes! I did try them)

Do you think cloth diapers seem like something you’d love to try? Sometimes the initial cost upfront can scare people, but I promise you it’s not that bad… You can start buying a little at a time and in the end, you save a ton. Not only do you save but you don’t have to fear running out in the middle of the night, or in the middle of a storm. You never run out!

I get questions all the time about cloth diapering, so here is some quick info!

Don’t they smell? – Not at all! Most of the time I can’t tell if either of my boys have pooped or anything because for some reason cloth diapers just don’t have any smells, and keep them locked in if there’s anything in there!

How do you wash and dry your diapers? – I use my normal washing machine and I use my clothes line hanging in my backyard, or I hang inside to dry on racks. The odd time I have had to use a dryer for inserts and the odd time for my covers too on low and for only a quick few minutes.

Do you have to touch the poop? – Do you touch the poop with disposables? No! It’s the same as with cloth. You never touch the poop, and if that’s what you are worried about there is even disposable liners that you can inside the diapers for easy clean up by dumping soils into the toilet, and flushing it all away.

Aren’t they too much work? I don’t have time! – They aren’t too much work at all. This is coming from someone with 6 kids! But if you don’t want to that’s fine! It can be intimidating, and scary for some! I decided the little bit of extra time, and laundry (which we already do lots anyway) was well worth it and I haven’t risked running out of diapers in the middle of the night, or during a storm since!

How do I know what to use? There’s so many brands and Types? – Research. I had to do tons of research and even then I chose completely wrong for me when I started. I was so lucky to have found a wonderful brand that worked 100% for us and ever since then it’s been easy and smooth for us. I’d suggest looking online, reading reviews, and even going into diaper stores to see and feel the diapers. Often times some retailers do offer test programs at a low cost which gives you a few brands to try and at the end the option to keep the diapers you find work best for you. I use pocket diapers, which are the most like disposables. I wash them, stuff them and put them away so when we need them we just grab and go!

The cost can be a lot at first, how is that saving money?  – The cost upfront can be difficult, I started buying a few at a time and eventually ended up with a huge gorgeous stash. I happened to find a brand that not only holds their value on normal line up colors, but also has an amazing re-sale value on discontinued colours that they no longer sell. You can make some cost back by re-selling basically any brand of diapers… Different brands vary with how much you will get back though. You just have to think of it as an investment. A wise investment. One that over the course of your diapering journey can save you greatly.

We are a 100% cloth diapering family and have been for almost 3 years now. We are on baby #6, and baby #3 to wear these diapers and they are still going strong! Justin my youngest wore them right from birth! It’s been wonderful and the money we’ve saved and the diapers not going into landfills…. Makes it so much more worth it!

Do you use cloth diapers? Have you thought about it but decided against it? Please share!

The diapers photographed above are my diapers and they are PTPA Award winning Cloth Diapers – AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers.

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  • I use cloth diapers and I bought 30 brand new ones for 275$ and that includes taxes and shipping. I actually love these things and my baby breaks out in rashes when we put those chemical laden disposables on her. This is our third child and we used Biggie on our boy, papers on our older girl and i can honestly say cloth is the easiest and most convenient option. I never worry about running out of diapers, where I can get diapers on sale, or my babies skin absorbing toxic chemicals. And also, I thought cloth diapers were gross until I did my research and realized that disposable diapers were disgusting and hurting our babies

  • HUGGIES for our boy and Pampers for our girl I mean 😉

  • I’ve been using cloth a total of 3 years, 9 months and counting. I LOVED it for my 1st and went above and beyond to only use cloth, and I still use it for our 18 month old but I am quite honestly disgusted by it the 2nd time around 😉 sticking it out and it is for the greater good!

  • Love this! They are so amazing for saving $ and not to mention all the benefits of not having to run out! LOOOVVEE! Thanks for sharing:)

  • Lol! I feel the exact opposite it took me a bit once I started to get used to it but now it’s quick, easy and not so bad:)

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