Spring Into Action!


Spring into action!

Finding myself getting into a stagnant state of doing the same thing day in and day out, (of course being not much of anything) watching TV, eating, sleeping and repeating it was definitely time for some change.

I’ve recently decided to take up running/walking again, I say both as you don’t need to push things if you’re just starting and even if you’re a seasoned runner.  Sometimes, it’s just good to get out for a stroll if your one to go for a hard run at times.

I’ve started to use it not only to become healthier, I’ve found that it’s a great time to either spend it with a loved one if possible or use it as a time to think about life and leisure for yourself.

What’s usually the first thing you think about when spring arrives…? Spring cleaning!  So why not do a little spring cleaning for your body and get some air into your lungs and work those muscles that are there for a reason, believe me, if you don’t you will wish you did later.

The best advice I can give you for those starting out is to start slow, if you jump into it with both feet running you are going to be extremely sore and most will give it up before seeing any benefits from it.
Start by walking; wear non-restrictive clothing as long as they are safe for the time of day and conditions you are doing it in.
I find it extremely helpful to have some music as well as a fitness program with me as anyone who loves music or spoken word can agree that if you’re listening to something you like, it takes the focus off of something that you may be finding difficult.
The iPhone Application I use is Runkeeper and tracks your workouts whether it be walking, skiing, cycling…etc..etc.. It was a free application and very much worth looking into.
On a side note another application I always have on my Iphone and will be android available this month is Picturethis by @Dandy, I strongly suggest you check that out as it’s an in the moment picture application with challenges.

When you stop associating your walk run or activity as being a workout and start looking at it as being fun, you will enjoy it more and look forward to doing it instead of thinking about it as a dreaded task.
In the beginning the only thing you will need is a great pair of sneakers, don’t skimp there and it is very important!
I’m not saying you need to spend $300 for them or even $100, just make sure they fit right and they are made for running/walking.
My golden rule is that there should be three things you don’t go cheap with in regards to quality and that’s good shoes, good tires and a good mattress as you spend 1/3 of your life on each one, why not be comfortable with all that you do! Now reading this far you may think I’m a health nut…..I am so not….I’m pro-choice, however, I do admit that by doing just a little bit again and drinking as much water as you can handle will make you feel so much better. I wish you luck in your journey towards a healthier you for this spring, set goals, but make them achievable so you don’t again dislike what it is you’re doing.

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  • I agree with you about not associating your walks, runs, etc. as workouts. It’s all a mental thing when establishing a good workout routine.
    Thanks for the tips, Matthew!

  • Great post! I love to run and walk, and I find great pleasure in both. It makes me feel relaxed, less stressed and motivated. It’s also something that’s great to do as a family! Spring is a perfect time to start a-new and encourage new activities 🙂

  • Great post! Using technology to make excercise interesting is a great motivator 🙂

  • Great post as usual Matthew! Tech does in fact simplify the workout and keep you motivated. So much nicer to be able to run with my ipod mini than it used to be to attach my “Walkman” to my shorts!

    Sharon Vinderine
  • Thanks Sharon, yeah, I remember when the Walkman “SHOCK” edition came out and it was just a must have item….or the large portable cd players…Oh man..

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