Fitness Motivation – Funny!

Spring is here and many of us have summer on our minds and that means shorts, skirts and t-shirts! We can use a little fitness motivation to kick our rears into gear. We’d be working out pretty hard if we had one of these handy, wouldn’t you?

Watch this video for a good chuckle! (Parents, you may not find this appropriate for little eyes, although it is pretty PG)…

Is it getting hot in here?

Comments (4)

  • I love this! Every woman would pedal hard lol

  • This is kind of cool. I would have loved to participate in this one.

    Elica Palacek
  • I had a good laugh when I seen this, just goes to show with a little motivation, people will get moving.

  • Amazing how they all pedalled so hard to see a little animation – but it just goes to show how easy it is to change behaviours!

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