Tough Love, or Parenting Gone Too Far?


A Florida man was filmed kicking his (6yr old) child off a skateboard ramp while the boy hesitates going down it on his skateboard. This story is blowing up online via social media and the father is now being investigated by the Department of Children and Families.

Watch the video here:


The video, was originally posted to Instagram by user @lilbubs, and was taken at a skateboard park in Arlington, Florida.

So, what do you think? Tough love or parenting gone too far?

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  • My blood pressure just shot through the roof! This can’t even be defined as parenting! You don’t force your child to do something that they don’t want to do and you sure as hell don’t kick them off of a skateboard ramp! My guess is that Daddy wants his son to be a skateboarder as daddy’s attire makes him look like the skaters here so I’m guessing he’s disappointed. I hope something is done about this!

  • I saw this over the weekend and I watched it twice as you can tell the father knew that he was doing wrong. He walked behind him and then kicked him off. He never even bothered to look and see if his kid was actually on the board or not or even okay for that matter.
    The other thing that makes me wonder. The person filming it, did they think it was funny and that is why they still posted it.

    Elica Palacek
  • I don’t even know what to say.
    I certainly think this father should be evaluated for the benefit and well-being of this child and perhaps any other children in this family.
    There is a line between Tough Love Parenting and Going TOO Far and this definitely is going too far. I can’t judge the man as I don’t know what happens before or after… I don’t know how he is as a father inside the home… but from what I’m seeing here, that’s concerning.
    It doesn’t matter if the child was 6 or 16, he didn’t look like he had any regard to the child’s safety.
    Wishing that boy the best….

  • This really upset me. I understand tough love parenting to a point, BUT when it comes to doing something like this where you can cause trauma to a child (physically and emotionally), I am not okay with it. Granted, we do not know what happened before he kicked his son down the half pipe and we do not know what happened afterward, to me it is still shocking.

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