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Opportunity #1 

Looking for testers with newborns to evaluate an innovative baby swaddle which allows your baby to sleep in their natural sleeping position with arms up.  Made with 360-degree stretch fabric that expands and contracts to fit your baby.  Available for little ones 6 – 13 lbs.

Opportunity #2

Looking for testers who are introducing pureed solid foods to their little ones.  This product is easier to use than a spoon because the head is flat, so there’s no scooping, no balancing, and no right or wrong way to hold it. All baby has to do is dip and eat!  Recommended for 6 months and up.

If you are interested in testing either of these products, please log into your profile to complete the application form. Please specify which opportunity you are applying for on the form.

All selected testers will be notified by email.  Please ensure you provide us with the email used to create your PTPA profile on the form.  Please specify the opportunity you are interested in when filling out the form.To view and complete the application form, please make sure you are logged in and then navigate back to this post.

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Comments (7)

  • I have a two year old grandson who is still having a little trouble using a spoon or fork. Which the spoon and fork are for toddlers. He just cant seem to make it to his mouth in time! Is he too old for something like the testing product? If so thank you any way.

  • My daughter is 9 months and we’d love to try the feeding product.

    Narie Ju-Hong
  • Hi,
    My daughter is 10 months and loves puréed food would love to try this

  • I would love opportunity #2! My 9 month old is working on self feeding and eating lots of puréed baby foods. Thanks a for this opportunity!

    Ashley Avelar
  • if you can not find anyone, I am due July 4 so I’d be happy to help but not til then 🙂

    Clair P
  • I would love to try this!!

    Angela Collado
  • I’m interested in the baby self feeding device/spoon. My 7 month old is just discovering that he can bring food to his mouth—he’s the perfect candidate! (And I can stop by to pick it up easily, I’ll be in the area often overt the next week)

    moran eichler

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