Top 10 Picks: A Sweet Menagerie of Mother’s Day Gifts

1. UGG Straw Convertible Tote, $132.99, 2. Fancy Leather Photo Bracelet, $63.00, 3. Nike Studio Wrap Women’s Training Shoe, $29.97, 4. Lay-n-go Cosmo, $34.95, 5. Fossil Cecile Watch, $145.00, 6. Sun Bum Day Tripper Set, $24.99, 7. Decade Candy Boxes, $23.99+, 8. Handmade Hot Fudge, $10.99, 9. Mother and Daughter Letter Book Set, $40.00, 10. Vitamix S30 Personal Blender, $399.95

Searching for Breastfeeding Support

My sister-in-law recently gave birth to the newest member of our family- my perfect little niece H. She had this whole birth plan that involved a VBAC (vaginal birth after Caesarian) and she had her heart set on breastfeeding. After a repeat c-section, she encountered obstacles that many mothers face postpartum and it got me thinking about the obstacles I…

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