My Kids Love Veggies and This is Why…

H and Veggies

Yes you read that right, my kids love veggies!

Of course they prefer some vegetables over others but generally they will try whatever they are given. My secret is they have always been offered vegetables and they are encouraged to at least taste what they are given. Two of my three children are toddlers and they can be extremely picky and not eat much one day and large amounts the next.

My #1 tip for getting your kids to eat vegetables is to offer a veggie (or two) with every meal!

Even if you know your little one will not touch the broccoli you made just put a small piece on their plate and encourage them to taste it. They might just surprise you one day and ask for more. Quite often children can be picky eaters but exposing them to a variety of foods and textures can help them broaden their horizons. From my experience what they like or dislike one day can be the complete opposite the next day.

Another great tip is offering a variety

At our house every meal offers variety in either the vegetable itself or in the way it is prepared. We’ve tried steaming; roasting; warming; raw and frozen veggies. My boys love frozen vegetables in their frozen state; they usually won’t eat cooked green beans but they will snack on frozen beans by the handful!

Don’t forget to model positive behaviour

From a child’s perspective, if their parents aren’t eating veggies then why should they? It is important for you as a role model to show your child what healthy eating habits look like; meaning you must eat your vegetables too! Quite often at my house my husband is not thrilled with the vegetables we have with supper but he will try a small amount to encourage our children to try their’s as well.

And with everything it takes time!

Don’t expect things to change overnight; every child is different but consistency and exposure are the keys to success.


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Do your little ones like to eat their veggies? How do you encourage them to try?

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  • My son is a vegetarian by his choice. He loves veggies. In fact tonight for dinner he ate all his brocolli over his pasta. Love that he is like this!

    Elica Palacek
  • I have also instated a new rule into our house that they don’t have to eat their food but they do have to have a taste of everything on the plate. Both my kids and myself were pleasantly surprised that they actually do like some vegetables and now ask for them.

  • Agreed! My 5 year old has always LOVED veggies! Little One has been “eating a rainbow” at every meal. The vibrant colours are attractive and I also get her to help be my little sous chef. Ever since she was 2 yrs old, she has been involved in the growing process of our food…From the garden to the table. I find that when kids are involved in everything that has to do with their food — from growing it to cooking it, they are more likely to want to eat their creations! 🙂 Bottom line, have fun! Modeling this behaviour is key.

  • Great tips, Lindsay! My son eats everything, my daughter… not so much. She is definitely not very much into veggies except for broccoli and carrots and if they’re jumbled into her soups or stews, she’ll eat them.
    My mom told me I also hated veggies as wee one but I ended up LOVING them as I got older (teens and up); so yes, definitely continue with it and be consistent, model positive behaviour and patience! 🙂

  • When my son was younger, we had new item day. Every Saturday, we would go to a different international store and choose something to try. Vegetables were introduced to him this way. I noticed if he helped to choose it, or helped to cook it, he was more likely to try it. …. it worked.

    Beverly Brigman
  • I agree and think that kids actually naturally prefer healthy foods and that we as parents can encourage that by modelling that same preference.

    Janice Smith
  • Great post! I am lucky to have two very good eaters, but I see a lot of my friends struggle with this issue and I can imagine how hard it is on the parents. Thanks for sharing!

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