Mother’s Day – It’s truly the thought behind it that counts…

     Mom and us


My mother is the most frugal person I know — she can squeeze a penny into a nickel.
Now, don’t get me wrong, she is not cheap. She raised four children on a meager wage when she could work or had too and lives every day for her children. Even at almost 70 years old she still calls every day or we call her to speak about our day.

I wanted to give you that little background before I tell you that spending a fortune for Mother’s Day is not what she wants.
Every year I find myself going store to store in search of that perfect gift for my mom, what will it be a chair for outside, something to help her with her flowers… In the end, I know I’m wasting my time in the stores.
Yes, she would never say she is not happy with something I bought her, however it normally wouldn’t get used much anyhow.

What I have found to make the most lasting impression on my mom is thinking back to something I’m sure at some point your parents have said to you, “make something for your friend”.
In some way, shape or form we all have some talent deep down. You won’t know it until you find it, it doesn’t have to cost much if anything at all.
A pen and paper to write about past times you cherish that you either spent together or something she did for you. If you want to get fancy but not spend a lot of money, you could print it on a styled paper and frame it. If you have any artistic ability, draw a picture or if you have children, have them draw something and you write around it. I have found that as much as I don’t like seeing my mother cry, I much rather give these types of gifts as any mother crying happy tears is not something to be upset about.

I am a firm believer that Mother’s Day should be every day as if it were not for her you would not be sitting here reading this! Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers in my life, in yours and to those whom are expecting.
It indeed is the lowest paying, under appreciated job in the world today, but most including my mother would say, “I wouldn’t change it in any way!”

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  • Love the sentiment behind this article Matthew. I have always been the daughter who makes the gifts, or creates something personalized for my mom. My mom literally has everything, but nothing touches her more than something that has required an effort on our part. She sees it as a reflection of how much we love her. Now as a mom myself, I feel exactly the same way. If there’s something I want, I will buy it (or convince my amazing husband too!) but from my kids, I love the art projects, the picture collages and the cards that literally make me burst into tears.

    Sharon Vinderine

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