Something Wrong With The World Today, and Kelly Clarkson Ain’t It!



Mama’s we have all been there, pregnant, feeling tired and restless…and HUGE!!

I remember when I was pregnant with my second, the weight just packed on instantly! So different than my tiny cute belly that I had with my first child…BUT I WAS CARRYING A BABY!

This is my point, what is with media calling out the cute Kelly Clarkson and shaming her because, well, she’s carrying a baby! Take a look at these adorable recent photos of Kelly in and then tell me that she doesn’t look like a regular woman who is carrying a BABY?

Let’s get this straight, not all of us women are 5’9 with thighs the size of my wrists, and we all carry our babies differently.

Am I right?

Honestly, I do understand that stardom comes with criticism, but where do we draw the line? Can’t a pregnant woman wear flip flops and a t-shirt without the fashion police tracking her every move anymore…

I would love to hear your thoughts. How did you look/feel while pregnant? Does Kelly look like a ‘regular’ woman to you?

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  • Drives me bonkers when people comment on pregnant women being “big”. They shouldn’t even be commenting at all. Being criticized because you’ve gained weight during pregnancy is awful. Like you said, all women carry weight differently, some weigh more than others to begin with, and we don’t all have the same “build”.

    I actually had a super short pregnancy and didn’t gain much weight. I actually lost weight in my 1st trimester and had my baby in my 2nd trimester. I gained about 15 lbs in total.

    Anyway, congrats to the Mama-to-be! Kelly looks great 🙂

  • I can’t stand when the media takes stabs at pregnant women. The nerve of people scrutinizing an innocent woman makes me sick. I agree with the author of this post, leave people alone and let this mother enjoy the only time she ‘can’ get fat!!

  • LOL! Sorry for the rant! I know that US Weekly didn’t mention anything negative about Kelly and her pregnancy body, but I’ve seen tweets and comments elsewhere that alluded to it. 🙂 I know that when friends and I were pregnant at the same time there was a lot of “Oh my! Did you see how much weight so-and-so gained?” and “Wow! She’s had to have gained 80 lbs at least!” Women really need to lift each other up instead of tearing each other down.

  • I can’t stand all of the criticism that constantly surrounds women! We are our own worst enemies!
    Carrying a baby is the greatest gift in life that we get, and we should enjoy every second of it without worrying whatever one else thinks. Plus I strongly believe that our worst critics are our most jealous “frenemies”.

    Sharon Vinderine
  • Babies are such a blessing and a woman’s pregnancy should be one of the best and most precious times in her life.
    It’s really upsetting when I see and hear a pregnant women — celeb or not — be judged according to how much weight she gains or what she eats throughout her pregnancy (unless it was detrimental to the baby’s well-being).
    We all carry differently when pregnant and each one is beautiful. PERIOD.
    I miss being pregnant! LOVED it!

  • Oh and to add… comfort was of the utmost importance to me when pregnant. Who cares if I chose to run to the grocery store in crocs and socks because my feet were swollen and cold? ……………………. :/

  • I think Kelly Clarkson’s song Stronger is right on! I hope she ignores all the crap and focuses on her and her family. She is a beautiful and strong woman! Maybe we should ask those shaming her Why does you voice sound so little? Why isn’t it like Kelly Clarkson’s? Beauty comes on all sizes, both inside and out. Your size on the outside in no way reflects the size of your heart, and whether you are a big person or small and petty one. When I was pregnant I thought it was great to see my belly grown because it meant I was that much closer to meeting the person inside.

  • 15lbs? That is crazy!!

    I gained 35 and 40 with my kiddos…and I am still trying to take it off lol!

  • Thanks for sharing Tianna!
    So sad that the media does this to innocent and beautiful women.

  • Couldn’t have said it better myself Sharon, women need to join together and become friends instead of ‘frenemies’.

  • Couldn’t agree more! I didn’t care about how I looked, just wanted to soak in every second of the pregnancy. I really wish more people thought this way. Thanks for sharing Carol <3

  • Cathy, I totally forgot about that song! You hit the nail on the head, I bet she doesn’t even care about what the tabloids are saying, why is it our business anyway?

    A big belly definitely means a soon-to-meet baby!

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