Who Is The New Christine?

As many of you PTPA Blogaholics have read, there is a new member to the PTPA team; and that happens to be me! Not many of you know me, as I have always been behind my websites. No one really knows my “real name” but the ones who do well they are some of my closest friends.

So, who is this new Christine?

<<<<That is me, in the #Selfies tee, because I am what many call a “geek”

It is hard to believe that I am the person who gets to fill Christine’s shoes. Confusing isn’t it?! I was shocked to hear she was leaving PTPA and sad because it is how we met, so it is of course a great honour to be the “new” Christine. Christine and I have been friends for several years after meeting online through brand ambassadorships, PTPA and speaking events. When I speak of her to my family it causes great confusion as well, lets get the obvious out of the way, WE HAVE THE SAME NAME!

Saying her name has always been, awkward. She is the first Christine I ever met beyond my mirror, and one of the very first “bloggers” I ever met online.

So who am I you ask? 

I am MommyMatter as most of you know me by. I have hid behind my website for a lot of years; most only being able to refer to me as MommyMatter. I have been working online since 2006 but didn’t enter the world of blogging for a social cause until 2010. Before MommyMatter I was your average Internet Marketer slash Affiliate Marketing, SEO addict. That’s right, I understand all that stuff we all learn to hate. Don’t worry, I still don’t like it even though I understand it. Google & I aren’t the best of friends; but I still love them.

I am a Mom to two children, known as WeeMan and BabyGirl (I am very creative obviously!) They are 7 & 6, and pretty much my world. They are why I started working from home and why I have for many years. Over the years I have had many struggles raising kids, especially WeeMan. This has also led to me being one of the voices behind the wonderfully inspiring site, Autism United. I KNOW!! No one knew that 🙂

Any of my close blogging friends also know I am in what many would call a long distances life sentence! That is right, Daddy and I don’t see eachother 60% of the year. Many would say it is a terrible relationship; but after 5 years it is no biggie and we both have grown to appreciate our space.

Lets have some Q & A! 

Question: What is your favourite food? 

A: Pad Sew from Thai Express (I know I know it is the McDonalds of Thai, but it is yummy)

Question: What is your favourite activity? 

A: Gardening! One thing I love doing is turning a mound of yucky dirt into a beautiful bouquet of freshness.

Question: What is your biggest pet peeve?

A: Baby voice. It is something my daughter inherited when she started school and has taken 3 years to put an end too.

Question: Favourite Band? 

A: That is the easiest question I can ever answer, Weezer! I am a true geek.

Question: What do you do during your free time? 

A: Free time? Never heard of such a thing. When I am however relaxing on couch after kids have finally fell asleep I like binge watching shows on TV. It is rare I do this but when I do, lights out! 8 season series complete in a week.

Question: What made you want to work for PTPA? 

A: PTPA has always been very inspiring to me. Even through the hardest of times they’ve kept me going and doing.

Alright, so there are some generic questions! I am of course obsessed with taking photos of foods I cook and the animals that leave hairy surprises all throughout my house. I have a terrible obsession with turtles and the colour lime green, to the point I have a lime green car that has turtle decals and stuffed turtles all through it, and shoes to match; and lime green items of everything I can find! (if you notice in my profile photo here on PTPA, I have a lime green mustache necklace on… I like lime green.)

If you’ve been in Twitter parties that I attend you also know I am a bit of a smart allick. I like having fun and enjoying every minute of life, and this usually makes Twitter parties a bit more fun. I am the “class clown” of Twitter parties. Twitter is where I like to shine and have fun because lets face it, it is fun trying to get what you want to say out of you in 140 characters or less.  Challenge accepted!

Between blogging, freelancing and being a parent I have a very common stay at home not so present social life. As in, the last time I had any social interaction with anyone outside of my actual live in, local family was about a year ago when I attended the Sailun Tires event with PTPA!

PTPA will be a great welcoming addition to my life and my ability to talk peoples ears, in this case eyes, off for hours. I can’t wait to get to know many more of you and cause a lot of confusion with the lack of new name apart of the PTPA Team!

MommyMatter family

This is my little family, excluding the furbabies!

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  • Very excited for you! I’m sure you will do great! Although I am sad that I am leaving on Monday, I am super confident that you will love the team and working with PTPA as their new Twitter person!

  • I am still sad you are leaving Christine! Will be weird but at least no one really has to transition but you and I! #nametwinners

  • Congrats! I look forward to tweeting with you!

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