5 Spring Activities for Families

Spring has finally sprung! I can sure tell by the mass amounts of rain that have been plaguing my daily existence. The days that it is not raining, however, are glorious. Especially after the long winter we have had.

My kids are the kind of children that just NEED to be outside as much as possible, and I rather like escaping the confines of my house as well.

There are many different things you can do during a nice spring day to keep the wee ones occupied outside on a beautiful day! Choosing just one can be difficult, so why not do them all?

5 Spring Activities for Families

1. Garden- I know it may sound B-O-R-I-N-G, and if you do not have a green thumb it may also seem terrifying, but gardening is really a lot of fun when you get the whole family working together! Allow the kids to pick out some plants on their own, even if they are not quite what you would have chosen, and let them plant and water them themselves. Assign tasks to each family member and watch your Garden grow.

2. Paint Rocks for Your Yard/Garden- last week Little Man, Baby Girl, Husband & Daddy and I went and collected some large rocks to line the garden. We spent an entire afternoon personalizing some of the rocks and painting them! We all had a blast, and now our garden is still colourful, even though nothing has grown yet. The kids are very proud of theirs and love looking at them and showing them off.


3. Explore Where you live- Set out on a scavenger hunt of your neighborhood! Compile a list of must finds for each member of your family and set off together to find the things on the list. You may just stumble on an Ice Cream truck!

4. Have a Yard/Garage Sale- This may not sound exciting to you, but it can be a whole lot of fun AND productive for your family. Little Man wants to have his own table at ours to sell cupcakes and Lemonade and Iced Tea! A sale also allows you to get rid of some of the stuff you may have dug up from spring cleaning.

5. Go on a Picnic- Get a blanket and some food and just go! Explore to find the perfect picnic area for your family and enjoy a meal with them in the sun.

What are Your Favorite Things to do in the Spring?


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  • Spring time is the best time! We do a lot of painting in the spring for some odd reason. It is fun to do anything with bright colours. And after being couped up for months any activity that can be done outside is mandatory.

  • Totally agree. It is a MUST to be outside. I can’t stand my walls ANY LONGER! Ahhhh! LOL!

    Ninja Mommers

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