Should This Woman Be ‘Allowed’ To Wear A Bikini in A Magazine?

Brooke Birmingham is a beautiful 28-year-old woman from Quad Cities, Ill, who has been posting about her HUGE weight loss of 170 pounds over the last four years on her blog, Brooke: Not on a Diet.

Apparently, she was recently asked by Shape Magazine to be part of their “Success Stories” series, and submitted this “after” photo (pictured above). Shape, then asked her to put clothing on as part of the ‘editorial policy’ to which she refused.

“My body is real, not photoshopped or hidden because I feel like I should be ashamed. This is a body after losing 172 pounds, a body that has done amazing things, and looks AMAZING in a freaking bikini.”

See the detailed story with Shape, on her blog.



170 pounds is a BIG deal, what do you think about this amazing woman’s story, should she cover up or is Shape Magazine taking things too far?

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  • Wow, good for you Brooke!!! Keep real. Amazing job on the weight loss and getting healthy!

    Janine Streiter
  • Wow! That is a huge accomplishment! 172 lbs is a bid deal! Way to go, Brooke!

  • 170 lbs. I don’t know why I added the 2!

  • The bottom line is this is an amazing loss and I think if she is comfortable with it than why not? If you don’t want to see it, don’t buy the magazine. Personally, I’d read the store to hear what she did and how she pushed through! Again amazingly done!

  • Wow – that’s amazing! I absolutely don’t think that she should be asked to cover up, esp for that sort of a magazine story – the extra skin doesn’t all magically disappear, and I know others who were a bit shocked once they lost huge amounts of weight because of the ‘leftovers’ on their bellies… Amazing job, Brooke, you look fantastic!!

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