Should Strangers use More of a Filter?

I get comments a lot about having six kids. Most of the time it’s wonderful, sweet comments that make me blush but the odd time I walk away with a red face from anger, not glee. Why?

Because sometimes people I don’t know,  don’t have a filter.

So this has me wondering, should strangers use more of a filter? If  a big family is walking around a grocery store, should someone walk up to them and make a rude comment such as “wow, 6 eh? I hope you aren’t having anymore!” or “You look way too young to have SO many kids, time to stop now?”

Because I know I look young. I know I have a lot of kids, I gave birth to them! But if I want any more that’s my choice to make, why does anyone care?

I feel the same for those who have 1 child, and all they keep hearing is “Are you going to have more? He/She NEEDS a sibling”  – – you never know a persons true situation. They may be sturggling to have a baby, they may have lost a baby or they may just NOT want another one. I just don’t think peope realize the things they say stick with those of us they say it to. I also don’t think it’s appropriate to say anything JUST BECAUSE you don’t know the situation, so you really shouldn’t assume. Innocent to one could be heart wrenching to another. Just something to think about….

What do you think? Do you find people to be too abrupt while out at the grocery store? Saying inappropriate things? Do you think we could all practice a little bit more with a filter?

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  • Yes! People should keep their comments to themselves. The questions and comments I have heard are horrible!!! And people actually think they are being friendly!!

    Brandee Head
  • Totally agree. You never know someone’s situation and circumstances.

  • Yes! People just haven’t a clue. Someone once asked me if my daughter was mine. I’m Asian, my kids are half. Just because they don’t look exactly like me, that doesn’t make me the help (it was what that person meant since I’m of an ethnicity that is often brought to canada as nannies).

  • Yes they should and well said. We don’t ask them why they are such jerks and why don’t they keep their opinions to themselves, or WOW I hope you are going to stop being a jerk now, because we DO filter.
    So have more or not, and lucky you to look young, it will come in handy when you are not.

    Cathy Canton
  • Thanks everyone! I knew I wasn’t alone thinking this at all:)

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