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If your PTPA tester profile is complete, and you would like to be considered a tester for the products listed below, please complete the form that appears once you’ve signed in to your account. Testers chosen will be notified via email in the next day or two.

Testing Opportunity for Art Kit:

Looking for testers with children ages 4+ to test and evaluate and Art Kit that contains a variety of accessories to help your child create a masterpiece using their imagination with paint and stencils.

If you are interested in testing either of these products, please log into your profile to complete the application form. Please specify which opportunity you are applying for on the form.

All selected testers will be notified by email.  Please ensure you provide us with the email used to create your PTPA profile on the form.  Please specify the opportunity you are interested in when filling out the form.  To view and complete the application form, please make sure you are logged in and then navigate back to this post.

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Comments (13)

  • Would love to be selected 🙂

    Jessica Terry
  • My Daughter is 5 and love arts and crafts. We would be more than willing to test it out for you.

  • My 6 year old would love this, he loves to color and paint!

    rob poirier
  • My son is 5 and loves to do arts and crafts. Would love to try the product.

    Hendrika Van Dijk
  • My daughter is 5 and very artistic, she loves her arts and crafts time. I would love the opportunity to try this product. Thanks!

    Rebecca Illy
  • I’ve got 2 girls age 4 and almost 7 to test out this art kit. They love drawing so this would be awesome to try!!! Thanks.

    Betty Vlahakis
  • My 4 year old loves art!

    Narie Ju-Hong
  • I have a 4 year old and a 6 year old and they would be excited to test this product!

    Winnie Low
  • My 4yr old and 8 year old love art

    Nicole cleaver
  • I would love to do this test. I have two daughters ( 5 and 7) who love to draw and create stuff !

    Isabelle Simard
  • My 9-yr old daughter would adore this !

    Lea Adams
  • This sound like a great way to keep them occupied 😉

  • Would love to try out some educational toys on my little 3 year old

    Marion Kletke

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