My First Mother’s Day

In two days I will experience my very first Mother’s Day. A very surreal feeling.

In my house we don’t usually celebrate things like Valentine’s day and holidays are not very exciting. We lack decorations and bypass the days like any other. My partner and I are not your definition of “consumers” and try to stray away from holidays that thrive on advertising and commercialism.

Heck, we don’t even give each other Christmas gifts.

Although last year we both received the best Christmas gift one could ever dream of. I gave birth to Atticus on December 24th at 6:40 p.m. and since that moment I have been given the most honorary title of Mother.

So what does that make of Mother’s Day for us? Well, I shall not ask for gifts, because I have no need for them. Material items get lost and destroyed and I don’t want to invest my emotions in something that I may not get to keep forever.

Then what will we do for the day?!

When you have a four-month-old, every day is a gift. So I will spend the day with my beloved son, melting over his smiles and talking with him. From my partner all I ask is for one interrupted day. No cell phones or internet, no video games or distractions. Just our family.

It is MY day and my demands are simple. I want to spend my first ever Mother’s Day basking in all that I had wished when I dreamed about becoming a Mom. I want to gaze in to my sons developing green eyes and watch him sleep.

I want to spend an entire day falling in love with the both of them again and again and again. I want to read with them and if it is nice I would love to go for a walk. Then I would like to bath my Monster and put him in his warm PJs and nurse him until his eyelids are too heavy to remain open.

I would love to have a delicious pasta dinner, my favourite, and to go to sleep early, because the next day we are going to get Monster’s 4 month needles done and to visit Grandma.

To me, the greatest gift is to be acknowledged as a Mother. So, a Happy Mother’s Day will do just fine.


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