Popsicles Made From What? NHL Ice?


We love popsicles and most of the world loves hockey but how far does this love go?


I recently came across a story that totally grossed me out! Apparently the NHL and the NBC are beginning to manufacture popsicles from the arena ice of many NHL teams such as the Los Angeles Kings,  Chicago Blackhawks and more. From what I’ve read certain hockey teams drain and purify the rink water and then sell it to raise money for charity and I guess this is the case with these popsicles. The water/ice is purified and then flavoured with fruit juices that represents the teams colours.  You can read more about this here.

I don’t know about most people but I happen to know hockey players and I see what goes on when they’re on the ice. They’re spitting, spraying mucus (snot rockets) and of course there’s the blood that’s spilled from the fights! Purified or not this can’t be very sanitary and I for one will not be purchasing these products nor will I be allowing my child to! Sorry NHL and NBC!

Do you think this is taking the love of Hockey too far? Would you allow your children to eat these?

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