Why settle for a hair appointment, when you can have Hair-apy!


Why settle for a hair appointment, when you can have hair-apy?

It’s the small things in life that matter, and make the difference. The smalls all add up to a cumulative big. Every now and then on social media and in real life the questions: How do you spend your “me” time? or Do you make time for “me” time? are asked. Indeed “me” time is very important and everyone deserves some, but how do you fit it into your busy schedule?

For about ten years now, I have gone to see Kerri my hair-apist, every six weeks for a cut and colour. She is a Mom, and we chat about mom stuff, life, drink coffee, and share while she works her magic. Kerri works from home so I have watched her son grow from a toddler who used to ask me to drawn Bionicle pictures on his Magna Doodle, to the young man he has become. It is an easy relationship, that leaves me feeling good about myself and happy after each visit.

Anyone who knows me in real life knows my hair is in a ponytail 99% of the time. The 1% it is not is when I go for hair-apy. On those days my hair is coloured, cut, blown dry and styled. For one day every six weeks I look marvelous.

So is it that I just really like having my hair done, or is it the frame of mind I bring to my hair appointments?

I think it is, I simply choose to make each opportunity I have “me” time, and make a specific effort to derive joy, and pleasure out of that experience. Don’t let a chance for “me” time pass you by. Find a way to make little things, and everything activities enhance your life.

Don’t just get a hair appointment, Get Hair-apy!

BTW: I wrote this post while under the dryer waiting for my colour to set. By the time I leave today, Kerri hair-apist extraordinaire will have made me looking marvelous!

You can find Kerri on Twitter where she often shares tips and tricks from her sessions.


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  • Love this post Cathy! I do love going for “hair-apy” or even pedicure therapy! It really helps to make everything else seem not so bad and give that moment of quiet and peace.

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