Victoria Day Celebrations

It’s finally here! Victoria Day long weekend, the one that says Summer’s finally coming. Most people take this long weekend as an opportunity to head up to the lake to prepare the cabin for Summer vacation or to take in the festivities that are going on in the city. We don’t own a cabin nor does anything spectacular take place in our area so we take it as an opportunity to spend quality time together 🙂



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The first family fire of the year, marshmallows and blue skies included!

This is also the first year that the little one has stayed up three hours past his bedtime and hasn’t fought with us to leave or go to bed! Yay! This brings to mind something else that our little guy has finally started doing and that’s sleeping through the night. So keep your heads up those of you lacking sleep, the day will eventually come when you can get a full nights rest 🙂

We may not get to watch fireworks or attend fun Victoria Day Celebrations but we do have a good time as a family celebrating the coming of Summer. Plus watching the kids play hide & seek and roast marshmallows is way better than any firework show a parent could ever see!
What do you do that makes the Victoria Day long weekend entertaining and memorable for the kids?


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  • Sounds like you had a great weekend! Congrats on your little guy sleeping through the night!

    Janine Streiter
  • Nothing spectacular but we had a good time 🙂
    It took 4 years for him to finally sleep the entire night and we’re so thankful that the time finally came, lol!

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