Get Outside!

Yesterday was gorgeous, sunny, and warm. I told Boo he had to come outside with me for some fresh air. Instead, he took the iPad up to the bedroom and opened the window.

“Mommy, I’m getting lots of fresh air, and we can talk through the window.”

Now, I was working in the garden right under that particular window, so he was kind of right. But that wasn’t the point!!

This reminded me of the newest Nintendo commercial, which shows a bunch of kids playing outdoors, on their handheld games. Again, kind of not the point. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll take handhelds on the dock at the cottage over handhelds on the couch inside any day. And I don’t have a problem with video games. Everything in moderation and all that. But there are better, more energetic ways to enjoy the outdoors. (Haven’t seen the ad? You can check it out here

Is there a playground in your neighbourhood? Awesome destination for fun, and you’ll likely bump into other local families. How about a nature walk to look for wildlife and new plants? Hunting for bugsin the backyard is always fun, and you can pick up mesh and plastic bug houses at the dollar store to aid in your observations. We always keep a selection of balls in the outdoor toy bin for kicking and catch. And water pistols, a sprinkler to run through, or even just the hose to spray are all good options for a hot day.

playground setYesterday I took a break from the garden and dragged Boo outdoors. I was determined to get some active living happening. We took the dog for a walk to the playground, where Boo played on the swings and slide while Maxi sniffed everything in sight. On the way back home we saw one of his buddies, and Boo went to join him in the backyard for a water fight and impromptu soccer game. Great, active fun.

And guess what? As much as he said he didn’t want to go out, Boo had an awesome time. Sometimes the biggest hurdle, especially with a special needs child, is just getting past the inertia. Leaving a favourite and already begun activity for one that feels unknown can be difficult. Oh, and suggesting that the ice cream truck is only for kids out enjoying the sunshine, not for those stuck indoors on a beautiful day, that can help as well.

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  • We live in a great area where we have 3 parks in walking distance. They are always empty!!!! Cant I’d go crazy stuck inside all day!!

    Brandee Head
  • Oh that is sad. The school playground here is pretty much always occupied, and there’s often kids in the field with kites and balls. I am so glad we have access to it!

  • There are a ton of parks nearby where I live but half of them have been under construction since last summer! Hoping they’ll open up soon.

    Janine Streiter
  • Fingers crossed. I bet it’s frustrating to walk by and see them “almost” ready. I wanna play!

  • My kids enjoy going to the playground although I don’t like to take them. They can’t figure out not to run in front of the swings and always get clobbered by feet. I love to take them on bike rides to the local soccer field and let them shoot goals on me while I do a horrible job being the goalie 😉 getting outside is key though, once we get in the habit the kids ask to go outside and play

  • Oh the swings! When my brother and I were really little, I was swinging on one of those two-sided swings and he came running up to me. I was trying to slow down and yelling for him to stop, but he kept on coming. He got hit with the lower bar of the swing and had a big, bleeding gash on his forehead. Made for a good scar and a good story years later, but pretty scary at the time! I still worry around swing sets today because of it.

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