Summer is Approaching.. What’s on Your Bucket List?

It’s finally feeling like Spring here in Toronto!

We’ve made a few trips to the park, already had quite a few BBQ’s and have even had a few treats from the ice cream truck!

My sweet, sweet boys picked me some “flowers” the other day at the park. I was thrilled with their kindness – be honest, even dandelions are amazing from little ones right?

I have a feeling we will have a very mild summer. Which, I have no complaints about. I think we are all over winter but I don’t think I’m ready for a true summer yet. It’s either too cold or too hot, I need to have some in between for just a while!

Do you have any plans for the summer time? I have a nice bucket list started and I would like to tackle a few of them this summer. Do you have a bucket list? Summer is the perfect time to tackle it!

  • – Visit 2 Countries besides my own
  • – Visit my Mom’s grave
  • – See whales swimming in the ocean where they belong
  • – Stay a week in Sunny California
  • – Climb a Mountain
  • – Run a 5K
  • – Play the slots in Vegas
  • – Go on a REAL Hike
  • – Go back to Montreal

I wonder how many I can actually accomplish?

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  • This list is awesome, love the adventurer in you !

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