best fathers day gifts 2014 blog Top 10 Thursdays: Unique Gifts for Fathers Day!

Top 10 Picks: Unique Gifts for Father’s Day!

1. Titanium Bottle Opener Sunglasses, $145.00, 2. Pocket Monkey, $11.99, 3. How to Feel Manly in a Minivan, $17.99, 4. iDevices iGrill Mini, $39.99, 5. Gibson Memory Cable, $100.00, 6. Adrenaline Film Festival Box, $17.95, 7. LEVEL Naturals Eucalyptus Lime Bath Bomb 6 pack, $15.99, 8. Personalized I Love You Dad puzzle, $39.20, 9. Menu Beer Foamer, $29.95, 10. Amazon Fire TV, $99.00


Comments (11)

  • Thanks for the ideas. Very helpful and unique!!

    Stephanie Whitaker
  • Thanks Stephanie — I’m glad you enjoyed our selections 🙂

  • I think I need to buy “how to feel manly in a minivan” for hubby

  • Love the Pocket Monkey idea and think that every guy needs one of those. Great post and it for sure is coming fast!

  • Very neat ideas! Thanks!

    April Sutkay
  • wow, some really good ideas!!

    Lacey Diemert
  • Film Festival in a box is so very cool! Thanks for posting this.

  • I love #2 and #9 for my dad – thanks for the ideas! He’s one of those “hard to shop for” guys! 🙂

    Janine Streiter
  • Thanks for all of the nice comments! Report back if you gifted any of these to your dad…Would love to hear if he liked his gift!

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