Finding Common Ground

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We’ve all had those times when we’re sitting with our kids “playing” but not actually attentive. Maybe there’s a show on in the background? Or maybe you’ve got other things on your mind? This happens to me often and it’s not always because I’m preoccupied. Sometimes I just can’t get myself interested! This bothers me as my son is interested in fixing vehicles and building things and I am not. I never had anyone to do these types of activities with and unfortunately don’t know anything about either. This sometimes leaves me feeling like my son and I don’t have much to tighten our father-son bond other than love!
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Thanks to Emily Yeung my son and I have something that we can both enjoy doing as father and son; Karate! As a kid this was an activity that I took a liking to and ever since our little guy saw Emily learning to do karate chops he’s been asking about learning to do it as well 🙂
It could be that he’s getting older and that’s why we’re able to find activities that we can both enjoy. Who knows? All I know is that my son and I will be able to bond while being active and have something that we both enjoy doing together!

Here’s a few ideas that I’ve come up with for finding common ground and father-son time that will keep both the child and the adult entertained:

  • Baseball! I love baseball and our little guy has quite the arm on him. He enjoys trying to hit the ball that I’m throwing and I enjoy teaching him how to play my favourite sport 🙂
  • Camp fires! I love sitting around a camp fire. It’s mesmerizing and calming and I’m outdoors. The little one enjoys helping gather the wood and building the fire as well as eating marshmallows, lol! It’s a great way to spend quality time together and I get to teach him about building fires and about how dangerous fire is!
  • Fishing! While I personally don’t eat fish I do enjoy fishing. It’s a very peaceful activity that allows us to be outdoors and again spending quality time together. Plus my wife and the little one will eat whatever we catch.
  • Hiking! Adventuring is one of my favourite activities. We get exercise, fresh air, quality time, opportunities to learn and nature is a beautiful place to be. The little one enjoys being outdoors and we get to collect cool pieces of nature for crafts.
  • Cooking! This is my passion. It brings me peace and fills my heart with joy! This is a great way for me and my son to do something that’s teaching him life skills and to eat healthy. It also allows him to experiment with different foods.
  • Painting! You can paint anything at all. Rocks for the garden, bird feeders, boards. Let your imagination run wild 🙂
  • Camps! Find some old boards and build a camp. Who needs measurements? Create a one of a kind oddly shaped hideout.
What do you like to do with your kids that keeps you both amused?

Comments (11)

  • We like soccer in the park, but it can get tiresome. I love spending the day in the backyard with the kids.lots of exploring to do out there.

  • Great post Jay, it’s very important to finding that common ground and doing the things you both like doing together for that bonding time for father and child.

  • We enjoy kicking the ball around too. Haven’t been to a park in a while though. I don’t mind being a big kid, lol!

  • Thanks Matt 🙂 I agree! Kids can tell when we’re nit really interested in something just as we can see it in others. Finding common interests eliminates that.

  • My dad and brother used to play road hockey and basketball together. Being active together is a great way to bond, especially for boys!

    Janine Streiter
  • I remember when we were kids my mom and I used to go to Bingo and my dad and brother used to go to softball games. Those were our special times alone with each other. I think the idea that there’s a special activity one parent does with a child really makes them feel important. The trick is finding the activities that both of you enjoy, and it sounds like you’ve done well on that!

  • Now that the weather is finally nice my son loves playing tennis, granted its not playing so much as chasing a ball but he gets a kick out of it and is actually learning to hit! We also like Bingo and Go Fish if indoors. Great post! There are always things you can find to do together. Even if its being inside and going to a movie theatre!

  • I love street hockey and I’m sure the LO would too! Thanks for the idea Janine 🙂

  • I loved going to Bingo with my step-mom as an activity that was just the 2 of us and I also loved going to the local hockey games & batting cages with my Dad. These are definitely memories I’ll have forever and now that I’m talking about it, these would be great activities for us too 🙂

  • Thanks Debbie 🙂 Tennis sounds like an idea. The little one likes when I toss the baseball for him to hit and he’s getting good at it. I was actually thinking about camping out in the yard, just me and him. A movie night would be a great idea too.

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